Monday, October 14, 2013

With friends like these...

This via the San Francisco Chronicle regarding a California ballot initiative to repeal the new law providing accommodations to transgender students.
"We are now going to have another Prop. 8 fight on our hands," predicted Charles Moran, head of the California Log Cabin Republicans, the GOP gay and lesbian organization.

Moran said the transgender-student law is "bad legislation," because Republican lawmakers were never consulted to help develop a bill that would have been more palatable to conservatives.

Still, he added, "I hope (the signature gathering effort) fails."
This idiot cannot keep his mouth shut. He just created a quote for an opposition advertisement. The very idea that GOPers could have been more participative if they were asked "pretty please" is preposterous. The notion that anything dealing with transgender students could be "more palatable to conservatives" is absurd.
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