Tuesday, October 22, 2013

World Congress of Families Exports More Hate to Eastern Europe

Hate group, World Congress of Families, announced that their “leadership team was in the Ukraine for two days of meetings and events prior to the International Planning Meeting for World Congress of Families VIII held in Moscow, October 15-17.” That would be, by the way, the “planning meeting” that Brian Brown and Scott Lively attended.

According to a WCF press release:

The Ukrainian leaders expressed concern about the pressure brought to bear on their nation to accede to the homosexual agenda (including "gay marriage") as a condition for membership in the European Union.
[ … ]
World Congress of Families Managing Director Larry Jacobs commented: "Besides our World Congresses and regional events, WCF is increasingly active in promoting pro-family initiatives all over the world."  Internationally, World Congress of Families has taken the lead in defending Russia's frequently misrepresented child-protection law, with its new revisions adopted in June.
I am not at all sure what "help" WCF could possibly provide to the Ukraine in thwarting the homosexual agenda™. Ukraine is backward enough without any assistance. Ukraine is an extremely conservative Christian nation. While homosexuality is not illegal, gays are about as welcome as they are in Iran or Saudi Arabia.

As for leading the defense of Russia's anti-gay laws, Russia seems quite adept at bigotry and homophobia without WCF's participation. There is nothing ambiguous about Russia's laws and they are not being misrepresented. They protect no one while seriously harming gay children. The laws have fostered a climate in which violence against LGBT people is permissible if not encouraged. They also depict the Russian Federation as out of step with the progress that most of Europe has made with gay rights and other social issues.
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