Friday, November 1, 2013

Another "Poor Us" From NOM

Poor Me
National Organization for Marriage loves nothing better than being a victim — the object of self-manufactured persecution (as they go about persecuting others). Today, they are writing about ENDA, calling it a Trojan Horse. They recommend reading Heritage Foundation's analysis, something that I reviewed this morning. Then comes this gem:
When an argument for traditional marriage is first made, it is scoffed at and dismissed outright. When that argument is then proven to be valid and true, it is studiously ignored. It is the equivalent in public discourse of putting your fingers in your ears and humming.

NOM doesn't make arguments for anything. NOM makes arguments against marriage equality. I would love to know which argument they made against same-sex marriage that has ultimately "proven to be valid." Which one? I'll settle for just one. Brian Brown, or whichever troll wrote this, is not specific. I wonder why that is.

We all know what Brian would say. He would tick off the five or six people on his "persecuted" list. These are the self-absorbed schmucks who think that frosting a cake is God's work. These are the folks seeking "special rights" not to comply with valid nondiscrimination laws. None of this stupidity has anything to do with same-sex marriage except its opposition on religious grounds in direct contradiction to the Establishment Clause. The Church consistently shows nothing but contempt for civil law.
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