Monday, November 4, 2013

FRC again claims that gay people are a threat to children

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Family Research Council released a statement this afternoon, commending John Boehner for his opposition to the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). FRC's head, Tony Perkins, began his comments with this:
We commend Speaker Boehner for opposing ENDA because of the costly lawsuits that burden businesses in an already struggling economy.
So FRC's first objection to ENDA is not Christianity but the economy? Really? If this sounds familiar, it is. It was crafted by Ryan T. Anderson at Heritage Foundation and used by Boehner as his excuse for opposing ENDA. Perkins continues:
The law creates a new federal mandate on businesses based on sexuality and does not allow businesses the choice of taking those things into consideration when they think it is appropriate. For examples, businesses, including daycares and public schools, will be ordered to comply (or face penalties), regardless of the impact on their organization.
This is the age-old not-so-subtle dog whistle that gay people pose a threat to children. Exactly what would the impact be if an LGBT person were hired by a daycare center or public school? Perkins is making the outrageous suggestion that gay people are pedophiles. It's what got them designated a hate group in the first place.

21 states have some form of LGBT employment non-discrimination law. Now the right are claiming that ENDA invites a whole host of horribles. Yet, they cannot cite any problem in any of those 21 states. If they could — they certainly would.
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