Monday, November 18, 2013

Hate Group, World Congress of Families, is "Appalled"

Managing Director Larry Jacobs said he was appalled that U.S. Senator Mark Kirk (R, Il.) bowed to the demands of radical sexual extremists and cancelled the use of the Dirksen Senate Office Building for a pro-family symposium.
“Radical sexual extremists” means anyone who is lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. “Pro-family symposium” means how to export and import anti-gay hate.

Kirk's office had reserved a room at Dirksen for a Family in America symposium titled "Family Policy Lessons From Other Lands: What Should America Learn?" The Senator caved in to pressure from the Human Rights Campaign – which promotes the redefinition of marriage for same-sex couples and special rights for so-called "LGBTQI" individuals including transgenders – and withdrew his sponsorship of the room at Dirksen. 
“Family in America” is just the name of their blog. Senator Kirk did not "cave." A room paid for by all taxpayers should not be made available to an outside group. Rent and pay for your own space WCF! These are people who are responsible for some of the anti-gay laws in the Russian Federation. Now they want to re-import their own hate.
Thanks to the timely intervention of House Speaker John Boehner, a room was secured in the Longworth House Office Building and the symposium went ahead as planned on November 15th.
Boehner continues to demonstrate his antipathy towards the gay community.
HRC acted as if the forum was intended solely to support Russia's widely misunderstood 2010 child protection law which bans heterosexual indecency and pornography and whose amendments to add non-traditional sexual relations were enacted overwhelmingly by the Duma in June.
There is nothing about intolerance and discrimination that has been "misunderstood." Russia's laws, rather than "protecting children," have left LGBT children at serious risk for bullying and self-harm.

Here is a partial translation of a page on their Russian website (emphasis added):
During the press conference , experts noted that today it is possible to speak of a new totalitarian ideology - gender ideology aimed at the promotion of the interests of "sexual minorities," gay "marriage " and other phenomena that are destructive for the traditional family . Serious concern is the fact that this totalitarian ideology that threatens fundamental human rights has become a part of the foreign and domestic policies of a number of states.
"In the illusion are there are those who think that their country and their nation will never be subjected to the pressure of homosexual lobby that their country would never impose homosexual marriage ", - said Mr. Volonte .
" This illusion is false and dangerous, it shows a real lack of knowledge of today's threats and profound lack of understanding of the features of the totalitarian ideology of gender . No immunity against it does not exist, is not inadmissible to fight and not to respond every time a position it penetrates into the culture , law or society . "
"Today, such devastating for the family and society events as propaganda of homosexuality and sexual promiscuity , the legalization of so-called
homosexual " marriage " , the transfer of children for adoption to same-sex couples , abortion and euthanasia - not just allowed in some countries , but also openly and aggressively implanted in them. They turn into a militant ideology , compliance with which is compulsory , and dissenters - rigidly pursued by all the canons of totalitarianism , "- said the Ambassador of the World Congress of Families to European structures Paul Parfentiev . He stressed that under these conditions, protection of the family , the right to life and the basic rights of the parents must be a priority when considering any international agreements.
Luca Volonte and Paul Parfentiev also attended a meeting with deputies of Ukraine , which took place in the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for Family, Youth, Sports and Tourism .
The guests said that in the present circumstances the representatives of different countries must work together to fight against the imposition of anti-family policies. Mr Luca Volonte also noted during the meeting that "dangerous for society changes in legislation often begins with the introduction of rules prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation."
Luca Volonte - the honorary president of the political group of the European People's Party (EPP) in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe ( PACE) , the current president of the EPP Group in PACE in 2009-2013 . , Member of the Chamber of Deputies of Italy in 1996-2013 gg. , Managing Director of Novae
Terrae ( European organization , which works to protect family life and Christian values ​​) , Chairman of the Dignitatis Humanae Institute ( an organization for the protection of human dignity in his Christian understanding ) .
Paul Parfentiev - Ambassador of the World Congress of Families to European structures , videoconferencing adviser on international human rights law, Mezheregionalnoy chairman of the Russian public organization " For Family Rights ", the general director of the Analytical Center " Family Policy of the Russian Federation " and a member of the organizing committee of the Russian VIII World Congress of Families , which is scheduled
held in Moscow in 2014.
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