Thursday, November 14, 2013

NOM loves self-deception

Brian Brown - National Organization for Marriage
I cannot decide if the Nommers are liars or delusional. Either way, according to a new National Organization for Marriage email blast titled "Crossroad:"
There is a silver lining now that Hawaii has voted to redefine marriage against the people's wishes: same-sex 'marriage' activists have run out of easy targets.
“Against the people's wishes?” According to the last poll that I saw, Hawaiians support marriage equality by 54%; 31% opposed. I have no idea where Brian Brown is getting his numbers from but I have some anatomical suspicions. It's also like say “now that the enemy has dropped a nuclear bomb, there is a silver lining. They have one less nuke.” What kind of sense does that make?

None of these have been “easy.” Just look at the effort to get marriage equality passed in Illinois and four years of litigation in California. It took two ballot contests in Maine to achieve equality. However, two things have changed; US v Windsor and critical mass.  

Windsor makes it attractive to go out-of-state and marry which creates an avoidable economic loss for the home state. It's also become increasingly difficult for NOM and others to claim that marriage equality creates a mountain of horribles because they never seem to materialize.

We all know the real reason for Brown's bluster:
The fight for marriage goes on — we anticipate state-wide fights in Ohio, Indiana and up to half a dozen other states next year. These are fights we can win — and win big — halting the temporary momentum same-sex ‘marriage' activists have built up by eking out extremely narrow victories in the bluest of states... but only if we have the resources to fight.
Brown is not only fighting against the inevitable but also the very  understanding that it is inevitable. We are also in the courts, particularly now that Windsor has been decided. One of the most interesting cases to watch might be the one in Tennessee. Lawyers might be plowing a path to equality in Dixie.

Sure. We might have some setbacks. Indiana, for example, might go in the opposite direction. Yet when we lose we keep coming back. When NOM loses a state they are done.

Right now we need to help Democrats regain control of the House. Doing so will cause Republicans to rethink some of their social policies. Without GOP support marriage discrimination dies.
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