Wednesday, November 6, 2013

LaBarbera: We've kicked God to the curb in Illinois

Peter LaBarbera
I have generally ignored Peter LaBarbera. It's just not very sporting to shoot at such an easy target. Needless to say, Pete is not happy about events in is home state of Illinois. According to American Family Association's blog:
"Sadly, as this state, and increasingly the country, kicks God to the curb, we're setting up all sorts of new-fangled legal arrangements – and that's exactly what homosexual so-called marriage is," he laments, adding: "It will now be easier in schools to propagandize in favor of so-called homosexual marriage."

"We will see freedom threatened across the state from people who don't want to support, for example, homosexual marriage through their own private business," he cites. "They don't want to give that as an employee benefit, benefits based on a counterfeit marriage."
If a marriage is recognized by state and federal governments then common sense dictates that it is not "counterfeit." Apparently Mr. LaBarbera is wed to the notion that his approval is required.
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