Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"Never Again" Brian Brown Screams

Brian Brown seems to have perfected Reverse Midas. Everything he touches turns to … Things have not been going well for National Organization for Marriage lately. My hypothesis is that their string of losses, coupled with mounting evidence of inevitability, is choking off the flow of discrimination dollars. NOM would like to take this time today to tell all of us just how effective they have been. Prepare to be impressed:
The only time marriage lost on the ballot was in 2012, where in four deep blue liberal states we were outspent 4-1 and the other side was able to eke out a victory. After these losses NOM vowed to do everything in its power to make sure that we were never again outspent by those margins.

Actually it is five if we include the judicial retention election in Iowa that NOM spent money on. Furthermore one of these, in Maine reversed a referendum that NOM had previously won. Actually it is six if we count president Obama. By the way here is what Brown wrote last October:
The momentum is clearly behind our efforts to protect marriage in the four states voting on November 6th . Pro-marriage activists have always won the closing argument and this November will be no different, despite President Obama's choice to inject himself into the important decisions these four states are about to make.
Brown repeatedly claimed that Obama lost the election when he endorsed equality. It seems that wasn't the case.

Why would anyone believe Brian Brown now?

I love this bit from today's polemic:
Where does your money go?

Well, just in the last two weeks we spent 100,000 dollars in TV and Radio ads in Hawaii. We've invested heavily in state after state and on the federal level to counter the elites who want to redefine marriage.
Where does it go? How about the African-American front group in Illinois that made some robocalls for NOM for $85,000? In 2011, NOM paid Maggie Gallagher $160,000 when she did not contribute anything. They paid Brian Brown $230,000 which is way out of line for an organization that size. They paid Jennifer Roback Morse $125,000 to be their village idiot. NOM also has a bloated payroll unless you believe that Brian Brown needs an executive assistant (Maggie Gallagher's brother-in-law I believe).

That $100 thou for Hawaii. Who did that go to? The same people who lost everything in 2012?

NOM has also advised the IRS that their corporate headquarters is now in Philadelphia. In August of 2012 I wrote that it was my belief that Brian Brown had relocated to Philadelphia. What additional costs does NOM bear for Brown to travel from Philadelphia to DC when required? Does he have any staffers in Philadelphia?

NOM has also paid for Brian Brown to visit Australia and for two trips to Russia. NOM has spent an estimated $1 million+ on litigation just to not comply with campaign disclosure requirements. In a few weeks we'll know just how much NOM paid Frank Schubert to lose the five campaigns that he managed for NOM in 2012.

And that just some of the stuff that is public information. Given their financial largess, imagine how much they have pissed away to inflate Brian Brown's ego that we don't know about.

Oh, and that pitch about "elites." Didn't Sarah Palin wear out that idiotic theme. What is an "elite?" Someone who is not a religious fundamentalist and thus capable of critical thinking? Or is an elite anyone who disagrees with any of NOM's five-watt bulbs, including Mr. Brown?
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