Tuesday, November 5, 2013

NOM is actually accelerating equality

National Organization for Marriage
At this point the folks at National Organization for Marriage are fighting a futile battle. They remind me of the last Japanese soldiers on Saipan. Plagiarizing Wikipedia, “… the battle on Saipan was hopeless for the defenders, but the Japanese were determined to fight to the last man.”

In both cases, defenders were out of supplies. In NOM's case they are in critically short supply of coherent arguments. They just released a post titled Eleventh Hour Fight in Illinois. Among the claims:
They didn't have the votes to pass this bad bill in the spring session. So gay 'marriage' activists poured MILLIONS of dollars into a lobbying campaign over the past few months trying to buy up the votes they need to impose their radical social agenda.

First of all, I doubt that people continue to believe that marriage equality is a "radical social agenda." Even the Catholic Church (which NOM represents) is starting to evaluate at least the extent to which preventing gay people from marrying is a priority. I don't know how much equality proponents have spent in Illinois. What I do know is that NOM has the full weight and support of the Roman Catholic Church and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops behind it. They have also created two phony African American front groups in Illinois to further their interests. I wrote about one of these yesterday.

Then there is the enormous honesty gap.

This is nothing new. It started during the Maggie Gallagher/Robby George era. The very idea that they are defending marriage is ridiculous. Their goal is, and always has been, to ban gay marriage. To do so they have constructed curiously incompetent arguments in order to obfuscate the fact that their interest is limited to advancing the teachings of the Catholic Church. When those started to lose transaction they come up with some precooked research. When even that did not prove what they wanted it to prove, they claimed that it did anyway.

These specious arguments have been widely rejected by the courts and last November they were widely rejected by the citizenry. This has NOM insisting on the promotion of a constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage. Did I mention that these folks are also delusional? When they see a poll that they don't like, they dismiss it as inaccurate. The citizens of the Unites States of America support marriage equality.

NOM cannot reverse marriage equality. Yet, were we to lose in Illinois we'll just come back early next year.  Our persistence is part of why equality is inevitable.
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