Friday, November 1, 2013

NOM v IRS: Harvard grad identified as recipient of NOM's donor schedule

According to the National Review, someone from the House Ways and Means Committee has identified the recipient of NOM's donor list (Schedule B). NRO claims that it was Matthew Meisel who provided the material to the Human Rights Campaign.

Meisel is a 2007 graduate of Harvard University with a degree in Chemistry. He was a senior associate consultant at Bain & Company from October, 2007 through April, 2011. Romney served as an interim CEO of the company in the early 1990's. Meisel is currently an acquisitions analyst at                          in Waltham, MA.

According to NRO:
The emergence of Meisel, a 2007 graduate of Harvard University, and his connection to Romney’s firm may shed light on the motivation behind the leak, which was used to hammer Romney for supporting California’s Proposition 8.
That makes absolutely no sense. Romney was gone from Bain for roughly 15 years when Meisel joined the firm. The $10,000 donation to NOM in support of Prop 8 was relatively small and, if anything, it bolstered Romney's base. Furthermore, it was already publicly available information.

Nevertheless, smart people do remarkably dumb things. I have great respect for HRC. I have wondered who made the decision to post the schedule and for what purpose.
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