Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NOM's self-fulfilling prophesy

Predictably National Organization for Marriage sent out a formulaic press release “condemning” marriage equality in Illinois. They can condemn all they want; Marriage equality is here to say.

Quoting Brian Brown we get this bit of sophistry:
The legislation that has been adopted contains no meaningful protections for religious liberty. We will see a torrent of actions aimed at people of faith and religious groups,

If NOM, IFI, the Thomas More Society, ADF and Liberty Counsel encourage people to violate anti-discrimination laws (and they have likely begun to do so) in order to be self-manufactured victims of marriage equality then Brown is correct. For that to occur, Brown and his fellow discriminationists have to convince people that they are doing God's work by baking a cake, selling flowers or taking photos of the happy occasion.

If that does occur, the real victims will be the people who are told “we don't serve your kind here.”

It is notable that Brown seems to have given up on claiming that equal marriage will somehow wreck marriage or have some effect on procreation. The new double-talk is that marriage equality is bad because it somehow restricts the "rights" of Christians to discriminate against gay people. And for some people, that makes perfect sense.
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