Monday, November 4, 2013

Tomorrow it will be my pleasure to vote for the first openly gay mayor of Miami Beach - Michael Gongora

Michael Góngora seems the only sensible choice for Mayor of Miami Beach. While Philip Levine is tempting due to the fact that he has not been a participant in any of our sundry messes, Michael can hit the ground running. Moreover, Michael is an accomplished litigator — and an impressively smart guy. These are skills that will benefit the job performance of our next mayor.

Much of our municipal code needs to be rewritten to eliminate subjective criteria that invites and facilitates graft. We are arguably one of the most corrupt cities in America. The general assumption is that anything can be had for a price. We also have a blatantly brutish and violent police force; Something that is counter-intuitive to good civics. Someone needs to realize that we endure many quality of life crimes on a daily basis that have never been addressed.

We'll know about Michael rather quickly. It is up to our next mayor to really shake things up. It's not going to be pretty because the job requires someone to clean out the gutters of city government. We don't know what we don't know.

I'm already pretty cynical. I just hope that Michael Góngora doesn't make me more so.
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