Sunday, November 10, 2013

With ebbing options NOM concentrates on defining friends and enemies

A struggling National Organization for Marriage continues to enlarge its enemies list. Most infuriating to NOM this week is Illinois Republican House member Tom Cross. Cross, who previously opposed marriage equality, changed his mind. According to NOM, Cross is currently running for state treasurer. NOM's head, Brian Brown, boasts; “We'll be working to ensure that Cross answers for his lack of integrity.”

The threat is unconvincing in light of NOM's diminishing resources and waning political clout. Moreover, the group no longer has the luxury of focusing on one state at a time. With mounting challenges in numerous states NOM lacks the organization and bankroll to effectively challenge equality. Attempting to punish people in states they have already lost will only further deteriorate their focus and resources.

Other enemies this week include the nine Republican Senators who voted in favor of ENDA: Ayotte-NH, Collins-ME, Flake-AZ, Hatch-UT, Heller-NV, Kirk-IL, McCain-AZ, Murkowski-AK, and Toomey-PA. Were I running NOM I might have supported ENDA, purely for political reasons. However, National Organization for Marriage is not an independent group. It is subservient to the Roman Catholic Church and obedient to the will of its bishops.

This week's friends list starts with admiration for The Cooch:
Cuccinelli's performance on Tuesday was nothing short of brilliant. Given how far behind he'd been in the polls for so long, and a fundraising deficit that left his opponent with more than a 10-to-1 advantage in the last month of the campaign, the fact that Cuccinelli came within a hair's breadth of beating McAuliffe should make everyone sit up and take notice — both Democrat and Republican alike.
NOM is correct that McAuliffe trounced Cuccinelli in late contributions. What that demonstrates is the conviction of business interests in a tightening race to keep Cuccinelli out of office. Cuccinelli's fundamentalist agenda would have been bad for business making it extremely difficult to attract the best talent.

NOM also gives some passing love to Billy Graham and John Boehner. Their Boehner admiration might be short lived if ENDA continues to gain momentum. The organization presumes to have made an odd friend this week:
… state Democratic Representative Georgia "Jo" Jordan is an openly gay lawmaker in Hawaii. And she is voting against same-sex marriage. She says the reasons for her opposition are concerns about the use of a special session to force this issue through, and her desire to better understand the consequences of redefining marriage.
Not exactly. As ThinkProgress reported 75% of Jordan's district favored equality. Jordan claimed a need to represent the entire state, seemingly unaware that 55% supported marriage equality. Jordan also seemed profoundly confused over the effect of the Supreme Court's decision in US v Windsor and how Hawaii was preventing gay couples from having access to federal benefits.

National Organization for Marriage is having a hard time making new friends. Finding enemies is far less challenging.
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