Thursday, November 7, 2013

Would someone please stick a fork into Jennifer Morse? If she wiggles, remind her that she's done

Jennifer Roback Morse
When a visible senior executive in corporate America gets whacked, the second thing they do (after consulting with their attorney) is to write an Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal. Luckily for Jennifer Roback Morse, she has the pseudo-intellectual blog at the Opus Deist Witherspoon Institute to float a bloated treatise upon.

Morse was an executive at National Organization for Marriage. That is, until she seemingly got spontaneously terminated. Apparently NOM gave back her Ruth Institute (which is assetless) and Morse is on her own.  Was she too crazy even for Brian Brown?

Morse, an economist, who hasn't economisted in decades, has decided to weigh in on transgender individuals. Morse is only as clueless as the Catholic Church which, in majestic ignorance, does not believe that transgender people exist. They're just confused. What do all those doctors and psychologists know anyway? Intrepid Jennifer explains it all for you:

The recent physician-assisted suicide of a deeply depressed Belgian woman made worldwide headlines. But the headlines didn’t say a thing about depression. The headlines read, “Belgian killed by euthanasia after a botched sex change operation.”
Looking through the DSM online, I did not find reference to the idea of trying to understand why the person experiences gender dysphoria. Nor did I find any reference to the idea of exhausting less invasive solutions to the distress or impairment before embarking on such a radical process as sexual reassignment surgery and a lifetime of hormone treatment, even on insurance company websites. One might think that an insurance company would want to know that less expensive alternatives had been attempted, before agreeing to pay for sexual reassignment surgery.
According to HRC, less than one-third of America's largest companies provide gender reassignment surgery coverage. For the overwhelming majority of US citizens gender reassignment surgery is paid for out of pocket. Right off the bat, Morse makes a pointless argument. Then we get some avocational theory:
The colloquial version of gender dysphoria is that the person feels “trapped in the wrong body.” But this does not apply to Nancy's case. The overriding fact of this woman's life was that her mother rejected her because she was a girl. We now know that millions of baby girls have been aborted worldwide, simply because they were girls. Nancy’s story is the slow-motion Western European equivalent. Her mother wanted a son, or at least a better-looking girl. She feels no remorse, even after her daughter’s suicide.
Right because everything is about reproductive choice. Also, where did this woman get her training in psychoanalysis? Does this nutty woman believe that slavish devotion to Catholic teachings is a reasonable substitute. Come to think of it … This woman thinks that everyone is as idiotic as she is:
What exactly was “botched” about the sex change operation? I could find no allegation in the published accounts that the doctors did anything wrong or were negligent in any way. It appears that there was nothing medically abnormal about her body. The operation was “botched” only in the sense that Nancy was not satisfied with the outcome.
That bit of bullshit is based on the faulty premise that absence of evidence is evidence of absence.  In other words, Morse, doesn't know what she doesn't know. I can think of numerous issues that nobody wants to talk about. But Morse actually quotes the deceased: “My new breasts did not match my expectations and my new penis had symptoms of rejection. I do not want to be … a monster.” Nevertheless, More has to indulge in some pointless projection:
Nancy needed to be affirmed in her femininity. She had internalized her mother’s view that she was defective. Not surprisingly, her surgical attempts to correct a moral and psychological problem did not succeed. Changing her body did not resolve the problem of her mother's rejection.
Again, the amateur psychologist. If the Church claims that the sun revolves around the earth, well, that's simply the way that things must be. But good Christians should take it upon themselves to play shrink:
The Christian community should have and could have reached out to a little girl whose mother was disgusted by her female body. Christians of all denominations need to start creating their own structures of service to those who are so wounded that they want to mutilate their own bodies or kill themselves.
With no knowledge, whatsoever, Morse concludes that gender reassignment surgery is "mutilation."  I think that I have quoted quite enough of this intellectual vomit. Morse is utterly useless. We need only to understand the teachings of the Catholic Church to know what Morse "thinks." Who needs Morse-in-the-middle?
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