Monday, December 30, 2013

A year-end gimme from Family Watch International

Sharon Slater, Pres.
Family Watch Int'l
Family Watch International is a small Arizona non-profit. The Christianist organization has been linked to Uganda's "kill the gays" bill as well as efforts in other African Countries to undermine gay rights. In February of this year they wrote a letter to the Boy Scouts of America essentially claiming that the gay was a dangerous communicable disease.

FWI's end-of-year gimme-money email claims that their reparative "therapy" video is a credible opus. If this infomercial is being used, as they claim, by college professors then they are likely to be at institutions like Jerry Falwell's Liberty University. Reparative therapy has been thoroughly discredited by every mainstream psychological and counseling organization. Yet they persist in order to justify discrimination based on religious belief.

FWI continues to make the preposterous claim that “engaging in homosexual behavior can correlate with serious mental and physical health problems.” I left the link to their Youtube video intact. They trot out the usual NARTH crackpots including Floyd Godfrey. Godfrey's claimed MA is from Ottawa (Kansas) University and would be in Christian Counseling.

If you appreciate our newest documentary “Understanding Same-Sex Attraction” please donate by clicking here to help us develop the others we are working on.

We have been thrilled to learn that this documentary is being used in ways we never imagined. In fact, it is being used by university professors as part of their curriculum. Due to demand it is being translated into multiple languages to be distributed in many countries. It has been used as evidence by the defense in the New Jersey court case seeking to shut down Jonah, an organization that provides therapy for people with unwanted same-sex attraction. It is even being used by some of the world’s top therapists to help their clients with unwanted same-sex attraction, and it has been lauded as the most powerful documentary ever made to help people understand homosexuality and therefore be better prepared to make good policies around this issue.

“Understanding Same-Sex Attraction” presents the facts on homosexuality that few are willing to present publicly. It provides irrefutable scientific evidence from multiple credible sources that homosexuals are not “born that way” and that therapy has helped many overcome their unwanted same-sex attraction. It also documents that engaging in homosexual behavior can correlate with serious mental and physical health problems.
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