Friday, December 13, 2013

NOM's latest efforts to dig out of their financial hole

Money down the crapper
At the end of 2012, on a consolidated basis, NOM had negative working capital of $2.8 million. Working capital is current assets less current liabilities. Vendors were apparently not getting paid (accounts payable had almost doubled from the prior year). I have no reason to believe that NOM's finances have improved during 2013. I am guessing, for example, that lack of money was the reason behind the termination of Jennifer Roback Morse.

Today, Brian Brown sent out the usual send-us-your-money email blast. A few things caught my eye.

… we will have numerous state-level fights — primarily focusing on the 2014 votes likely to take place in Ohio and Indiana. As several cases on marriage make their way through the federal court system, ballot initiatives like these will take on even greater importance as they represent a chance to send a clear message to justices throughout the country: the American people stand for marriage!
No mention of Oregon. Are they already conceding the state? What Brown is suggesting is that the electorate in two states will shape the legal decisions in a number of other states (a list that is growing by the day). Seriously? I'm closely watching Virginia to see how Olson and Boies fare in Dixie. That should be a pretty good indication.
We will also be targeting legislators in various states that have betrayed their constituents by voting to redefine marriage. Voters in those states will know how their representatives chose to act when marriage was put before them!
What? That's going to reverse marriage equality in Maryland and Illinois? What those citizens will realize is that all of the "horribles" that NOM promised due to the recognition of same-sex marriage haven't materialized. More likely the Nommers think that they are going to attempt to punish people who don't vote the way that they like. That doesn't seem to work very well. Remember their silly misadventure in New Hampshire?
And, through our ongoing lawsuit against the IRS, we will continue to do our part in holding the Obama administration and the agencies of government accountable for the egregious and partisan abuse of their powers.
That's already at a dead end. Moreover, it has nothing to do with the administration unless one believes that Obama had a low-level employee of the IRS send an unredacted tax filing to a third party to send to HRC because its then CEO was joining the Obama campaign as a co-chair and this would embarrass Mitt Romney because of a small donation from a Romney PAC that was already public information. Sure.

Meanwhile, the primary activity of National Organization for Marriage these days is to find excuses to send out email blasts asking for money to solve their considerable financial problems. 
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