Thursday, December 12, 2013

NOM's persecution challenge

Brian Brown - National Organization for Marriage
Brian Brown, head of National Organization for Marriage writes:
I challenge any same-sex marriage activist to take to their blog or to pen an op-ed doubling down on the opinion that what cake decorators and bakers do isn't a form of artistry and doesn't deserve protections as a form of expression!
It's baloney Brian Brown. You believe your own BS. 

This artistic expression nonsense is nothing but a synthesized bit of hyperbole designed to frustrate enforcement of a perfectly valid non-discrimination ordinance. It is a legal theory that has not prevailed in any similar case that I am aware of.

Smearing butter-cream on sponge cake is not art. No marginally reasonable person would call it "artistic expression." It's also not some form of religious sacrament. Furthermore, I seriously doubt that any reasonable person would suggest that baking such a cake is in conflict with religious beliefs.

As a matter of public policy we have clearly defined what constitutes a public accommodation. That would include a bakery. When this idiot is compelled to marry someone of the same sex, do let me know Mr. Brown and I will protest right along with you.

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