Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Somehow NOM is going to hand control of the US Senate to the GOP

National Organization for Marriage - NOMnuts
According to National Organization for Marriage they are "striving" for GOP control of the U.S. Senate. Exactly how they intend to do so remains unexplained. Nevertheless, they are asking people to send them money (shocking, I know). Get this:
When the wrong people are elected to high office, they end up doing harm to our nation and to future generations. Not only are marriage and religious liberty in jeopardy, but President Obama has racked up unprecedented debt, is in the process of nationalizing the healthcare system, and has dramatically weakened our relations with key allies like Israel, while expressing sympathy for many of our enemies.
Who writes this crap? Someone at WND? Not a single sentence in that paragraph is true. “…expressing sympathy for many of our enemies?” Seriously?

But we can take action now, with your help, to change the direction Mr. Obama has set for our country. You see, there is a clear path forward next year to have 51 pro-family, pro-marriage members of the US Senate.
That "clear path" seems to be created by sending NOM more money to piss away. Someone needs to remind Brian Brown that President Obama was reelected with Obamacare and support for marriage equality.

Here's my favorite part:
Here's the good news — we can win a majority in the US Senate...but only if you will help with a contribution to our Marriage Victory Fund.
Not only was the Church wrong but so was Copernicus. Apparently the world revolves around NOM. Oh the things that I never learned in school.

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