Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Oh, Poor John Stemberger

John Stemberger
John Stemberger has spent the better part of the last few years engaged in bigoted, anti-gay endeavors. Now he is complaining about some alleged hate mail. According to an email to supporters sent out today:
For the past 24 hours, my team and I have received a barrage of hateful and ugly emails, Facebook posts, and Tweets calling us a variety of unsavory names, all in response to the filing of the two lawsuits yesterday.
Unsavory? This is the jerk who started an alternative to the Boy Scouts just so his kids didn't have to be around gay boys. Stemberger is also the idiot trying to prevent same-sex couples from getting hitched for no articulated reason. Poor fucking John Stemberger. These nuts are always claiming to receive hate mail and death threats. When it comes to actual violence, however, it seems that they are never on the receiving end. Doesn't it?

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Stemberger and Staver file preemptive lawsuit in Florida

John Stemberger's Florida Family Policy Counsel and Mat Staver's Liberty Council have joined forces in an attempt to slow the progress of equality in the Sunshine State. It's the American Way. They have filed suit in the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida in Orlando which covers Orange and Osceola counties. One lawsuit was filed against Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and Ninth Judicial Circuit Court Judge Bob LeBlanc. A second lawsuit has been filed against Osceola County Clerk of Court Armando Ramirez in Kissimmee.

Monday, December 29, 2014

About that tacky Christmas card Mr. Brown

Brian Brown, head of National Organization for Marriage, continues to demonstrate his utter lack of organization-development skills. NOM's Christmas card included the following image (cropped):
It looks like Mrs. Brown is working on number nine. But I digress. An organizational Christmas card is supposed to show a picture of the team (the folks who actually work at NOM) and not the president's family. NOM is not this guy's wife and kids. Just another example of Brown's less than stellar leadership of this anti-gay hate group. Amateur.

Stemberger laments the inevitability of marriage equality in Florida

John Stemberger
In an email to supporters on Friday John Stemberger, head of Florida Family Policy Council, claims that courts have dealt the citizens of Florida a “cruel blow” by effecting marriage equality. He vows to support and advance marriage discrimination in perpetuity.

Monday, December 22, 2014

NOM's new tasteless money-beg

Brian Brown - Mr. Reverse Midas
Mr. Reverse Midas himself
The folks at National Organization for Marriage have outdone themselves (at least this calendar quarter) for tastelessness. A missive authored by Brian Brown (or a paid flack) is titled “A Reflection.” Brown starts off with the usual, and expected, self-righteous devotional:
Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. It's a time of family and celebration. And it's a time of reflection — looking back at the past year and looking forward to the new.
Recently, reflecting on the story of the birth of Christ, I realized something...
When Jesus came into the world, it was with nothing. No money. They had to move to a new city. His father, Joseph, had to start a new business. They didn't even have a home to stay in as he came into our world.
Wow. Really? This rapidly devolves into:

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

NOM asks for money to oppose David Koch

Brian S. Brown
In a blog post today, National Organization for Marriage acknowledges that one of the GOP's largest donors and bundlers is a proponent of marriage equality. According to Brian Brown:
I have to let you know exactly what we're up against.

Recently, the news reported that David Koch—the conservative boogeyman of the left—will be interviewed by ABC's Barbara Walters for her "The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2014" special scheduled to air on Sunday.

In the interview, he unequivocally states, "I'm basically a libertarian, and I'm a conservative on economic matters, and I'm a social liberal." It harkens back to a 2012 Politico article where he said, "I believe in gay marriage," pointing out that he openly supported legal abortion as a Libertarian party candidate in 1980.

NOM Appealing Decision on Legal Fees

National Organization for Marriage has filed notice that they intend to appeal a circuit court decision denying them recovery of $691 thousand in legal fees incurred in their suit against the IRS. John Eastman must need some money.

h/t Fred Karger

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

ActRight Action (Brian Brown's other enterprise) is now more than a half million dollars in the hole

Brian S. Brown
Does this man suffer from Reverse Midas?
In 2012 ActRight Action (founded by NOM's Brian Brown) lost $277 thousand. Now we know that, for 2013, ARA lost an additional $291 thousand. In case you did not already know, Mr. Brown is not exactly a business genius. At the end of 2013, his venture had a negative net asset value of more than $519 thousand. Along with comparable negative working capital the organization was (and probably is) essentially insolvent.

Monday, December 15, 2014

The GOP's Shameful Defense of Michigan's Right-to-Discriminate Bill

U.S Postage Stamp, 1957
Last week, the Michigan House passed what it cynically calls the state's Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The obvious intent is to suggest that Michigan is simply enshrining federal code into state law and that is simply not the case.

The first point that the Michigan House Republican Caucus makes in their rather shabby defense of the bill is to point out:
The MiRFRA, like its federal counterpart, provides no new rights to people of faith to refuse service to LGBT people.
Oh so just existing rights to discriminate are protected? The simple fact is that this law is intended to nullify local non-discrimination ordinances. Moreover, the Michigan version is not just an incorporation of the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act. For starters, the federal act was not intended to justify discrimination against the LGBT community while that is the very purpose of the Michigan bill. In order to ensure that religious whack jobs don't have to do things like hire us or serve us, the Michigan bill has some clear differences. For example, when it comes to the exercise of religion, here is the federal definition:

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Just on a brief hiatus

English: Fred Karger at the Iowa State Fair in...
The Frog has not croaked.

I'll be back on Monday. Fred Karger was a welcome visitor to South Beach this past weekend. We had a long and interesting lunch on Sunday. Two cranky old Jewish queers.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bill May's tips for dealing with homosexuals at the Thanksgiving table

Defender of the Faith William B. May of Catholics for the Common Good has some advice for Thanksgiving conversations:
The question becomes, do we need a civil institution that specifically unites kids with their moms and dads? Yes or no? And, if no, why not? This is the fundamental question and don’t get sidetracked.
The answer to that question is simply “Yes and that is one of the reasons that I support marriage equality.” Don't say another word.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The next "victim" - Atlanta's fire chief

Kelvin Cochran
Kelvin Cochran
Kelvin Cochran, fire chief of Atlanta, Georgia, has called us perverts (he wrote that homosexuality is a perversion) in a self-published book. Atlanta mayor, Kasim Reed, said on Monday that Mr. Cochran will be suspended for a month without pay and will be required to complete sensitivity training.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution the book titled "Who Told You That You Are Naked?" identifies Cochran as a devout Christian and as the city's fire chief. City council member Alex Wan, who is gay, says Reed should investigate whether Cochran's views have affected LGBT employees.

Monday, November 24, 2014

NOM's Oregon appeal has been denied - unanimously

National Organization for Marriage
I am beginning to understand why National Organization for Marriage likes spending money on legal fees so much. It's not what you think. More on that when I get some 990's that I am waiting for. But I digress.

NOM tried to intervene in the Oregon marriage case (Geiger v. Kitzhaber) so that they could essentially represent the state when the state's AG would not defend the same-sex marriage ban. It's the Proposition 8 case all over again with the same outcome. The district court ruled that NOM did not have standing. They appealed. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals sustained the lower court. NOM requested that the full Ninth Circuit hear the case en banc. Lost again - drat! According to the decision no judge in the Ninth Circuit requested a vote on re-hearing the matter. It was unanimous.

Those good Christians cannot resist an opportunity to portray gay people as child predators

Your Ad Here Christian Cross
You wouldn't know it from the title, or the first three paragraphs, but Christian News Network wants to complain about HRC's ad campaign to win hearts and minds in Mississippi. Apparently that campaign is scaring the living crap out of the usual Christian suspects. The story titled National Homosexual Activist Organization Targets Christians in Latest Campaign begins:
A homosexual activist organization whose co-founder was recently jailed for sex abuse charges has launched an aggressive campaign to convert Christians to the same-sex ‘marriage’ cause.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) describes itself as a “civil rights organization working to achieve equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans.” With over 1.5 million members and supporters, the HRC is the largest such organization in the United States.

As previously reported, the HRC’s 66-year-old homosexual co-founder was arrested last week and charged with sexthoroughly debunkedually abusing a teenage boy. Then, one day later, the founder’s 25-year-old ex-boyfriend was also taken into custody for the exact same charges.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

NOM 2013 Financials - 60% decline in revenues

National Organization for Marriage
National Organization for Marriage has finally revealed their 2013 IRS filings. I will be reviewing these in more detail this evening. However the difference between 2012 is quite staggering. Some of that is due to the fact that 2012 was a presidential election year. Nevertheless:

2012 2013
NOM 9,330,671 4,093,904
NOM Education Fund 5,065,213 1,663,500
Total 14,395,884 5,757,404

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

AFA's idiot son responds to HRC with a deluge of insults

Tim Wildmon
AFA's Tim Wildmon
Last Tuesday I wrote about the reaction of Buddy Smith, VP of American Family Association, to HRC's ad campaign for acceptance in Mississippi. Now it is Tim Wildmon's turn to weigh in on the persecution of the Christian majority.

When Don Wildmon was in charge of AFA, Tim made a living schlepping people to Israel on tours. Tim Wildmon is now running the show. Not to suggest that Don is a genius (far from it) but Tim? Well … he and his handlers seem to think that everyone else is dumber than they are.

Monday, November 17, 2014

British rabbi at Vatican conference seems to think that sexual orientation is a lifestyle choice

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
Today, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks addressed a conference on marriage and the family at the Vatican. Sacks is the former Chief Rabbi of the UK and the Commonwealth. He is currently the Ingeborg and Ira Rennert Global Distinguished Professor of Judaic Thought at New York University and the Kressel and Ephrat Family University Professor of Jewish Thought at Yeshiva University. According to Sacks:
… our compassion for those who choose to live differently should not inhibit us from being advocates for the single most humanizing institution in history. The family, man, woman, and child, is not one lifestyle choice among many. It is the best means we have yet discovered for nurturing future generations and enabling children to grow in a matrix of stability and love. It is where we learn the delicate choreography of relationship and how to handle the inevitable conflicts within any human group. It is where we first take the risk of giving and receiving love. It is where one generation passes on its values to the next, ensuring the continuity of a civilization. For any society, the family is the  crucible of its future, and for the sake of our children’s future, we must be its defenders.

Pope Francis is all-in on marriage discrimination

Pope Francis
In an address to an inter-religious conference on marriage at the Vatican, Pope Francis has made no doubt of where he stands on marriage. One would be hard pressed to differentiate this pope from the last pope:
Complementarity between men and women is the basis of marriage and the family, which is the first school where we learn to appreciate our gifts and those of others and where we learn the art of living together … Children have the right to grow up in a family, with a mother and a father who can create a suitable environment for their development.

California teen gets seven years for hate crime

Cuffed kid
17 year old Richard Thomas of Oakland set another teen on fire on a public bus. He was charged as an adult for a hate crime. Sadly he will spend the next seven years of his young life in a juvenile detention facility.

Thomas' victim, Sasha Fleischman suffered second- and third-degree burns when the skirt the teen was wearing was set on fire last November Fleischman identifies as neither male nor female.

All of this would have been prevented with proper parental guidance that might install respect for diversity. One kid disfigured, another kid in prison, no winners.

Matt Barber: 'The Crucifixion of Pastor Scott Lively' - Oh my!

Matt Barber
Sometimes these Christianist whack jobs do not appreciate their amusement value. This piece continues in WND (where else?) with “Exclusive: Matt Barber covers case of homosexuals making 'war criminal' of activist.”

Aside from the factual issues (nobody made a war criminal of Lively), the Short Jew (me) figures that this imagery is highly offensive to true Christians. Barber is comparing Scott Lively to Jesus Christ. Barber goes on, making matters worse by claiming that he is not making a comparison when he claims that Lively is “Christ-like.” Isn't that a comparison?

Friday, November 14, 2014

Kansas Klowns

Officials in Wyandotte, Douglas, Shawnee, Sedgwick, Riley and Cowley counties have agreed to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Others are waiting for instructions from either the Kansas Supreme Court or Attorney General Derek Schmidt. Perhaps the Christianist Governor, Sam Brownback, and the AG are trying to figure out how to waste more taxpayers' dollars.

Johnson County (the state's most populous) was still not allowed to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples under an order by the Kansas Supreme Court. The state’s high court will consider the Johnson County case Monday morning.

Over the next few months some gay couples will get hitched and people will wonder what all the fuss was about. I am reasonably certain that it's not going to start raining frogs (slowly boiled or not).

Read more here:

Read more here:

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Brian Brown is mightily pissed

Brian S. Brown - National Organization for Marriage
Brian S. Brown - National Organization for Marriage
Apparently Brian Brown thinks that Kansas should disobey a federal court over marriage equality. This in spite of the fact that the United States Supreme Court refused to issue a stay by a vote of seven to two. Brown, leader of the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage has some harsh words for those seven justices:
The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today sharply condemned the United States Supreme Court for refusing to grant a stay of a federal judge's order imposing same-sex marriage in Kansas, and called on Governor Sam Brownback to order local clerks to refuse to issue marriage licenses that violate Kansas law defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Mohler's 3,000 words on not really changing "The Rules"

While modern religions provide comfort through prayer the primary purpose is to offer a path to the afterlife. Follow the rules and your relatively brief time on earth is augmented with heaven, paradise with 72 virgins, whatever. If you don't follow the rules, you end up in Hell or some other undesirable place for an eternity of suffering. It is this notion of immortality that creates devout adherents. The fear of Hell keeps the faithful in line. Add to this the idea that if one pisses off God then the whole community might suffer from his wrath in the form of a natural disaster and it becomes important to keep others in line as well.

This is the context in which we must evaluate the offerings of Al Mohler. He is not editing “the rules” with Sexual Orientation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is worth noting that, when it comes to Baptists, Mohler is the HMIC.

Mohler explains his recent change which is really no change at all:
Al Mohler
I had previously denied the existence of sexual orientation. I, along with many other evangelicals, did so because we did not want to accept the sexual identity structure that so often goes with sexual orientation. I still reject that notion of sexual identity. But I repented of denying the existence of sexual orientation because denying it was deeply confusing to people struggling with same-sex attraction.
If Mohler truly accepts the existence of sexual orientation then, in his world, he has to accept the idea that God makes people gay. He's not there and he is never going to get there. People should not have to be “struggling with same-sex attraction.” It is this prick, and his ilk, who create the struggle with superstition. They make the lives of gay children and some gay adults miserable.

Mohler then explains the need for the sexual orientation construct:
The concept of sexual orientation is not only helpful, it is in some sense essential. Even those who argue against its existence have to describe and affirm something tantamount to it. There is a pattern of sexual interest and attraction that is discovered in early adolescence. It is not something that is, in itself, freely chosen. That does not mean that the individual is not completely responsible before God for how that orientation is then handled.
Mohler devotes nearly 3,000 words of BS1 to basically say, grudgingly, that there exists, for convenience, this idea of sexual orientation but that doesn't mean that “the rules” change.

Eventually Mohler gets to the fear-of-God stuff:
The normalization of homosexuality simply cannot be accepted by anyone committed to biblical Christianity. The new secular orthodoxy demands that Christians abandon the clear teachings of Scripture, and Christians must understand that the sinfulness of all homosexual behaviors is not only a matter of biblical authority, but also of the Gospel.
If one has gay sex then they are going to Hell. Christians have a duty to be intolerant of gay people. According to Mohler, this is all part of “the rules.” Marriage equality would mean the acceptance of gay sex. This twisted version of humanity provides a means of expressing love through hate. It's really quite sinister when you think it through. It's also very clever when you are trying to keep people in line and keep the dollars flowing.

The Southern Baptist Convention has somewhat abandoned the concept of reorientation therapy. To that extent they have simply changed from demanding change to demanding celibacy. Thanks Al!

1 2,808 words comprised of an introduction and a re-post of a 2012 pre-election treatise.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

CBN claims that marriage equality "forced" a magistrate out of his job

logo of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN)
According to a CBN story, Gay Marriage Ruling Forces Magistrate Out of His Job. They are referring to a magistrate in North Carolina. Before I go further, a magistrate in NC is not a lawyer. In fact they can qualify for the job with only a two-year degree. Magistrates function as low-level judicial assistants and earn, on average, about $42,000/year. CBN's Heather Sells writes:
John Kallam, who worked as a magistrate in rural Rockingham county for over a decade, is one of them.

During that time he watched the growing momentum of gay marriage closely and wondered what it might mean for him.

"I told some of my co-workers, 'if it ever gets down to that, where I'm asked to perform same-sex marriage, I'm not going to be able to do it,'" Kallam told CBN News.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

In Mississippi it's AFA v. HRC

American Family Association – a hate group based in Tupelo, Mississippi – is displeased that the Human Rights Campaign is running advertisements in the state to win greater acceptance of LGBT citizens. Not surprising, AFA's “news” blog portrays the endeavor as part of the sinister Homosexual Agenda®.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Hallmark and Kohls conspire to ruin a Christian's life

The virulently anti-gay American Decency Association has forwarded a letter that they claim came from a supporter. It is today's what-the-fuck moment. Honestly, it's worth reading in full:

I want to tell about a very upsetting incident I had recently at our Kohl’s Department Store here in Grand Blanc. I was shopping for a 50th anniversary card for friends when my eye caught the images shown on the photos I’ve enclosed. My initial thought was “oops’ someone made a big printing boo-boo on these cards. But then I noticed the white labels on the card dividers, “Two Grooms” and “Two Brides!” This was a very disturbing discovery for me. This is just another incidence of forcing the gay marriage lifestyle down the throats of God-fearing people. Now shoppers, and their children, will believe if Hallmark sells gay greeting cards, that lifestyle must be normal and acceptable behavior. If that lifestyle is not being promoted, a traditional wedding card for any “couple” would do. But, when “Mr. & Mr.” or “Mrs. & Mrs.” is on the front of the card, there is nothing subtle about the not-so-hidden agenda. We are certainly becoming more and more desensitized to a lifestyle that must be grieving our Lord greatly. I am very disgusted and so disappointed that Hallmark would succumb to the pressure of the gay pride population and profit by pushing that agenda on greeting cards! How sad ….

Monte Neil Stewart still making mischief with a new website

Idaho attorney, Monte Neil Stewart, has created a new website to advance a conspiracy theory. According to Stewart the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals intentionally selected a biased three-judge panel to hear Sevcik v. Sandoval (the Nevada same-sex marriage case).

Peter Renn, a lawyer with Lambda Legal told the New York Times:
If there was a conspiracy, it apparently wasn’t a very good one given that the accused judges voted against the lesbian and gay litigants in a full third of the cases deemed suspicious by the other side.

Ryan Anderson trying to set the stage for the next phase of discrimination

Ryan T. Anderson
Ryan T. Anderson
Ryan T. Anderson doesn't seem capable of advancing an intellectually honest argument. The ultra-orthodox Catholic (and possible Opus Dei numerary) has seemingly (if not grudgingly) accepted the fact that marriage equality is going to be a fact of life regardless of his, or his Church's, disapproval. So now we're on to the next phase — campaigning for license to discriminate ordinances. Not for all, of course. Just for gay people.

Anderson's latest piece on the Heritage Foundation's blog (Daily Signal) is titled Sexual Liberty and Religious Liberty Can Coexist. Here’s How. Anderson goes through the usual litany of professional victims, often taking license with the facts. They include, among others, Phil Robertson, Catholic Charities, florists, bakers and photograph makers. After most of the poor us, Anderson makes the following plea, primarily in regard to that New Mexico photographer:

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Some hopeful opinion from an unlikely source

Richard Myers - Ave Maria Law
Today there is an interesting article in Aleteia which is, essentially, the Vatican's social networking site1. The author is Richard Myers (a Defender of the Faith2) who is a law professor at Ave Maria School of Law3. Myers also serves on the Aleteia Board of Experts. Myers concludes:
Since the U.S. Supreme Court invalidated a portion of the Defense of Marriage Act in 2013 in United States v. Windsor, many lower courts have addressed the constitutional issues raised by state laws prohibiting same-sex couples from marrying. Most of the decisions have invalidated such bans. On October 6, 2014, the United States Supreme Court declined to hear cases from several federal courts of appeals that had invalidated state bans on same-sex marriage. The Supreme Court’s refusal to hear those cases allowed same-sex marriage in the states involved. As a result, same-sex marriage is now permitted in over 30 states. This reality is likely to be relied upon by the Court when it considers DeBoer v. Snyder.

Friday, November 7, 2014

The strange cult of TFP Student Action

Either the guy in front is immense or those kids are minuscule
Much has been written about the American Society for the Defense of Tradition Family and Property (TFP). In simplest terms, for TFP simply whisk together one part Opus Dei with one part John Birch Society. For Student Action just add a half-part Westboro Baptist Church after first removing the Baptist pit. “Voila” — TFP Student Action.

TFP runs a small boarding school, St. Louis De Montfort Academy in Herndon PA. The school is not accredited and kids spend more time in prayer than academic study. In 2012, the school paid total salaries of only $67,000. $29,000 of that went to the Director. I realize that staff are performing a religious service but it's simply not competitive. Relying on volunteers to teach seems problematic and limits selectivity.

No surprise from the Sixth Circuit

Judge Jeffrey Sutton
Some of us seem to be suffering from amnesia. In early August, after oral arguments, there was a general sense that the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals would reverse the lower courts — ruling in favor of marriage discrimination. The only surprise for me was the amount of time they required to do so. In oral argument, it was clear that the ruling would rest on the decision of Judge Jeffrey Sutton.

Sutton was a very conservative lawyer who once clerked for Justice Scalia. He was appointed to the bench by George W. Bush. During oral arguments, Sutton repeatedly asked why the plaintiffs didn't go through the process of winning over the electorate and obtaining same-sex marriage recognition through the ballot.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

NOM hits the 'previous channel' button

Just two days after claiming to have single-handedly changed control of the United States Congress, National Organization for Marriage is back in their judicial hole. As a proxy for the Catholic Church, the latest press release reads; “National Organization for Marriage Calls on Kansas and Missouri To Appeal Same-Sex Marriage Rulings; Urges Gov. Nixon To Intervene To Seek Stay of Missouunwilling to accept the obvious; Tri Court Ruling.”

Statement from Missouri AG

MO AG Chris Koster
Attorney General Chris Koster released the following statement regarding today's ruling in State of Missouri v. Florida, Case No. 1422-CC09027, in the circuit court of the City of St. Louis:

“The circuit court of the City of St. Louis today ruled that Missouri's ban against same-sex marriage violates the equal protection and due process guarantees of the United States Constitution.

We have appealed the ruling to the Missouri Supreme Court. The constitutional challenge to Missouri's historically recognized right to define marriage must be presented to and resolved by the state's highest court.

Following decisions in Idaho and Alaska, the United States Supreme Court has refused to grant stays on identical facts. We will not seek a stay of this court’s order when the United States Supreme Court has ruled none should be granted."

Koster, a Democrat, has not issued instructions to county clerks while the case is being appealed (absent a stay).

NYC Pastor: Starbucks coffee is flavored with the "semen of sodomites"

James David Manning
The warning comes from James David Manning, chief pastor at the ATLAH World Missionary Church on 123rd Street in New York City. Oh, and Manning was serious. There is some speculation that Manning's "source" is a satirical piece that appeared on the website Huzlers. Homo-hate is nothing new for Manning. He has previously said:
I do think that anyone who promotes [homosexuality] as a lifestyle and tries to make it a national and international event and create warfare upon everybody else, then the appropriate response would be to stone them back to the Stone Age, or stone them back to hell.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Janna Darnelle's sob story gets another life plus more anti-gay hate from Witherspoon via CanaVox

I thought that we were done with Janna Darnelle. Darnelle, a pseudonym, wrote a rambling anti-gay diatribe because she is very pissed off that her husband left her for another man and seems to have primary custody of their children.

I noticed last night that Witherspoon Institute's house faggot, Doug Mainwaring, works with CanaVox. CanaVox (funded by Witherspoon) is a group of mothers supposedly concerned about marriage. Mainwaring is one of the ten mothers who is a regional leader, I shit you not. The mothers form reading groups.

NOM takes credit for having saved western civilization

What? You are surprised? Of course not. According to National Organization for Marriage, Traditional Marriage Achieves Overwhelming Victory Across United States. There are two parts to this drivel. The first, as stated in the headline, is that these mid-term elections had something to do with marriage. The second is that NOM was instrumental in getting people elected:
(NOM) today said that their efforts to support candidates who supported traditional marriage and oppose those who favored gay 'marriage' were overwhelmingly effective and played a pivotal role in the Republicans capturing control of the United States Senate. NOM won all the races in which they were engaged.

Fox Populi

While I am disappointed in last night's results – particularly the failure of Charlie Crist to unseat Rick Scott – some perspective is in order. Mid-term elections are not about swaying voters. They are about motivating voters to the polls. Last night in Florida, for example, only 17.5% of the electorate made it to the polls. That, by the way, was the worst turnout in 16 years. In other words, we had the votes but lacked the voters.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Depressing: Russia dismantled Steve Jobs statue after Cook came out

Photo Credit: Miami Herald
According to the Associated Press, Russia has taken down a tribute to Steve Jobs in St. Petersburg. The recently erected, 6ft hight memorial to late Apple Corp. co-founder was in the courtyard of the Techno Park of the St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics.

NOM making less sense by the minute

Monica Wehby
National Organization for Marriage is urging its supporters in Oregon to not cast a vote for US Senate. That is because the Republican candidate, Monica Wehby supports marriage equality. She is up against incumbent Democrat, Senator Jeff Merkley. Merkley is an LGBT champion. Wehby has a boatload of personal and campaign distractions.

Merkley has a considerable lead in the polls but you can bet your Manolo Blahniks that NOM will take credit for Wehby's defeat. They will claim that they “sent a strong message to Republicans who align with elites …” According to them:

Staver: LC offers representation to incite lawlessness

Mat Staver - Liberty Counsel
Liberty Council is always trolling for would-be victims of the Homosexual Agenda®. Today that means magistrates in North Carolina who resigned rather than being required to perform same-sex civil marriages. None of those who have resigned seem to have been asked to actually perform gay nuptials — but they might be.

According to Liberty Counsel:
Staver made these comments after several magistrates in North Carolina resigned because they refused to preside over a same-sex marriage. “I appreciate the conviction of these magistrates, but rather than resign they should remain at their post. Liberty Counsel will represent them, but once they resign there is not much we can do to help,” said Staver.

The quest for religious freedom was the reason American was born. We cannot voluntarily give up this unalienable right.

NOM fighting for relevance with irrelevance

According to National Organization for Marriage today, “Marriage is an election issue,” specifically in North Carolina. NOM opts for the usual unoriginal rhetoric with evil “elites” and biased “pundits” trying to steal elections.
NOM has consistently maintained that marriage is an election issue that motivates voters, despite pundits and political elites trying increasingly to steer conservative candidates away from the social issues.

The elections this week will only demonstrate further how right NOM has been and how misguided the cronies that continue to gain a hearing by the Republican establishment despite their failure to demonstrate a winning strategy. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Perkins suggests Christian boycott of Apple

In an email to supporters Friday evening, Tony Perkins, head of Family Research Council, has reacted to a public statement by Apple CEO Tim Cook that he is proud to be gay. Perkins implies that Christians should not provide the money “that God has given us” to Apple Computer.

Before I get into this, some perspective is in order. Apple has a market cap of over $600 billion. With revenues of over $182 billion it exceeds the GDP of 143 countries including New Zealand. With about 50,000 US employees, Apple could populate a city the size of Grants Pass, Oregon. All of this is ultimately the responsibility of Tim Cook.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Gay marriage victimizes poor children

Robert P. George
Robert P. George opposes same-sex marriage because he is an ultra-conservative Opus Deist Catholic. Nevertheless, Robby continues to advance goofy secular arguments to thwart marriage equality — that don't seem to be working very well. Behold, from yesterday's Christian Post:

Friday, October 31, 2014