Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Liberty Counsel - Mat Staver react to Florida litigation as "catastrophic"

Mat Staver - Liberty Counsel
Liberty Counsel is heavily invested in Florida's continuing marriage discrimination. The language of the 2008 amendment banning gay marriage was drafted by Mat Staver, the hate group's founder. According to Staver:
Liberty Counsel will help to defend the Florida Marriage Protection Amendment. This amendment affirms the natural created order of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Marriage between a man and a woman forms the foundation of society and provides the best environment in which to raise children. It is a fact—children do best when raised by a mother and a father.

So this is about adoption? Were that the case, Staver is wrong on the facts. Kids raised by gay couples are perfectly fine. Then comes the victimization part. Oh the poor persecuted Christians:
Same-sex marriage laws are having catastrophic consequences for religious freedom and our civil society. Redefining marriage has destructive effects on children, family and freedom.
That "catastrophe" is not permitting these religious zealots to discriminate against gay couples in defiance of established anti-discrimination laws. The consequences of marriage equality are either formed by a theoretical abstraction or a lack of specifics. Staver chooses the latter approach. What can he cite in any marriage equality state to support his claims? Where is the data from Massachusetts or Iowa?

J. Matt Barber - Liberty Counsel
Bam-Bam Barber
Staver has compared the Supreme Court ruling in Windsor to slavery. He has asserted that President Obama's support of LGBT rights somehow violates the First Amendment. Staver is also the guy who hired the ultimate anti-gay douche-bag — J. Matt Barber.

When it comes to “destructive effects on children, family and freedom” Mr. Staver has some expertise. His organization pretends that gay couples don't raise children and don't form families. Marriage discrimination is destructive and we can demonstrate that destructiveness in very real terms. Of course Staver doesn't care about those kids and families because they do not conform to his religious sect.

We don't call them The American Taliban for nothing.

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