Monday, January 6, 2014

Mr. Anderson takes the blue pill

Our friend, Ryan T. Anderson, is at it again. Last Thursday, the cuddly fundamentalist Catholic and Robby George protege explained just how naughty the courts have been in Utah, Ohio and New Mexico. "Overreach" he calls it.

To support his claims, Mr. Anderson cites a  Heritage Foundation legal memorandum by John Eastman. Among other things, Mr. Eastman is Chairman of the equally fundamentalist National Organization for Marriage. According to this memorandum on the constitutionality of marriage, marriage equality is not an issue of equal protection or due process. I forgot to mention that this memo is from last January — predating the Supreme Court's landmark decision in United States v. Windsor. Those arguments failed last June.

From there Mr. Anderson just repeats, verbatim, the same tired arguments about procreation and mommies and daddies for children. He gets in a "complimentarity" or two. These, of course, are the same arguments that virtually no court has accepted as valid. Anderson is a smart kid with demonstrably dumb ideas. Anderson is a defender of the faith, not a defender of the integrity of marriage and certainly not a defender of the United States Constitution.

Has anyone thought about just how incestuous this all is? Anderson, formerly an undergraduate at Princeton University, is Robby George's creature.  I believe that George recruited Anderson into Opus Dei. Eastman is the Chairman of NOM, a position once held by George who is now NOM's Chairman Emeritus. George is a co-founder of Witherspoon Institute which is headed by Louis E. Tellez, an Opus Dei numerary. Tellez is also on the board of NOM and George's American Principles Project. Sean Fieler, the chairman of American Principles Project, is also believed to be NOM's biggest donor. Fieler is also the largest donor to the ballot initiative endeavor to rescind California's transgender protection law. Should that initiative actually make it to the ballot (which is doubtful at this point) the campaign manager would be Frank Schubert. Schubert is also NOM's political director. Anderson is the editor of Witherspoon's blog. Witherspoon funded the thoroughly discredited Regnerus study. Mark Regnerus is also affiliated with the Ruth Institute which was, until very recently, a division of NOM and Regnerus is affiliated with Witherspoon Institute. There is much more to this (Maggie Gallagher's fit into the scheme) but you get the idea.
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