Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Backholm: They are going to jail your pastor, close your church and take your kids away from you!!!

The Christianist Family Policy Institute of Washington was already on the losing side of the battle for marriage equality in their state. Lately they seem to have taken cues from FRC and National Organization for Marriage and we have victims galore.

The latest is a post from their head, Joseph Backholm, breathlessly titled “Now They're Suing Churches.” That “They” would be us of course. Backholm claims that we have been dishonest:
The news here is that they’re suing churches, something they assured us would NEVER happen because they just respect religious freedom far too much.
Of course it is bullshit. Nobody is suing any churches. Backholm is a lawyer and he knows better. As I recently wrote about, Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD) filed a complaint against a Catholic girl’s prep school that rescinded an offer of employment when they found out that the prospective employee was in a same-sex marriage. A complaint is not a lawsuit. Moreover, while the school (Fontbonne Academy) is sponsored by an order of nuns, it is a separate entity with its own federal EIN.

Backholm indulges in a lengthy diatribe about evil homosexuals not being satisfied with their progress over the last 30 years. Then there is this bit of stupidity:
Then they decided they needed to redefine marriage after all. “All we want is to change civil marriage. We wouldn’t dream of interfering with a churches right to define marriage however it wants and act accordingly. We love religious freedom. Hey, I go to church too.” And they told the story about wanting to visit loved ones in the hospital...again...because it still worked. Tehehe.
Sore loser with the fake quotes. In point of fact nobody could change church teachings even if they wanted to. The position in question was a food services director having nothing to do with religion. Could they turn away a Jew for a secular position?  "Tehehe." In any event, Backholm works himself into a head exploding rage and concludes with this hyperbole:

… Where is your line in the sand?

Is it when they sue you? Is it when you can no longer get a business license because the state mandated non-discrimination policy to get a business license violates your beliefs? Is it when they sue your church? When they sue your friend’s church? When they close your church? When they put your pastor in jail? When they take your kids from you to prevent your brand of hate from being spread to the next generation?
While none of that is going to ever happen, LGBT citizens and taxpayers will continue to be denied employment, housing and dignity simply for being LGBT. People like Backholm foster that environment. While they claim victimhood we know who the real victims are.

“We don't [rent to | employ | serve | want] your kind here!”
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