Monday, February 3, 2014

Brian Brown calling gays "bigots"

Brass Balls
Brian Brown, head of National Organization for Marriage, finds self-victimization simply irresistible. On Friday he wrote about his pointless "rally" for marriage discrimination in Utah:
Unfortunately, the Governor's wish for civility and respect hasn't yet been totally achieved. In the midst of the rally there was one same-sex 'marriage' protestor [sic] who decided that the fitting way to express himself was with a sign showing a Cross with a "no sign" over it.

Sadly, this kind of bigotry and intolerance toward Christians and other people of faith is something I encounter rather frequently as I travel throughout the country.

Given that this matter is in the courts, the only purpose for this "rally" was to give license to people to discriminate against gay people, their fellow tax paying citizens. The sign that Mr. Brown claims is so offensive is saying “keep your religion out of our civil laws.” Imagine that.
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