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Kilpatrick: 'What GLAAD and Muslim Extremists Have in Common'

It's worth noting that William Kilpatrick has an affiliation with the far-right Shillman Foundation which supports ultra-right Zionism. Kilpatrick, who was formerly on the faculty of Boston College, seems to think that all Muslims are extremists. He probably believes, as many do, that all gays are activists. A disinterested observer might consider Kilpatrick a Catholic extremist.

Kilpatrick explains in Crisis Magazine that “the mission of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) is to protect Islam from criticism. Its main focus over the last ten years has been a campaign to create universal anti-blasphemy laws…” He also tells us that “the mission of GLAAD to protect the gay community from derogatory criticism.”

I don't know much about OIC but GLAAD's mission is far more complex. It does hold the media accountable for false and derogatory narratives  — defamation. If Kilpatrick finds commonality in opprobrium for suggesting that gay people are, for example, pedophiles and an effort to make criticism of the Prophet Mohammad a criminal offense then Mr. Kilpatrick is more intellectually dishonest than I thought. He goes on to explain:

GLAAD failed in its recent attempt to have Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson consigned to the outer darkness. And although the OIC has managed to pass several anti-defamation resolutions in the UN, it has not yet succeeded in making blasphemy a hate crime in the West. Nevertheless, both groups feel that time is on their side and both have exerted a powerful influence on what is considered acceptable discourse.
I would argue that GLAAD succeeded to the extent that the message was clear that critical thinking requires us to separate fact from religion based bigotry. Of greater importance, with respect to his polemic, is the fact that the missions of these two organization are as disparate as any two endeavors could possibly be. One is secular and the other is religious. As an aside, to prevent me from doing what Kilpatrick is doing, I should mention that several OIC member states have signed the UN declaration on LGBT rights.

I am skipping over much of this essay. Kilpatrick goes on to say (as many right wing Christianists do):
William Kilpatrick
In some parts of the world such as Canada and Sweden, it is now a crime to criticize homosexual behavior. It has long been a crime in many Muslim countries to criticize Islam or Muhammad, and numerous Christians languish in jail for violation of the blasphemy laws. De facto blasphemy laws are now in effect in parts of Europe. Lars Hedegaard, president of the Danish Free Press Society, was put on trial for the crime of offending Muslims because of remarks he made in a private conversation about widespread sexual abuse in Muslim families. He was found guilty and fined approximately $1,000. In Austria, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, a member of Pax Europa, was convicted by a court for the crime of “denigration of the teachings of a legally recognized religion.” The specific denigration was to refer to Muhammad as a pedophile during the course of a seminar presentation. There have been numerous similar “heresy” trials throughout Europe.
Kilpatrick is dishonest. For example, he is incorrect about Canadian law. He also fails to mention that Mr. Hedegaard was acquitted by the Danish Supreme Court in a 7-0 decision. But this is all an irrelevant diversion.

GLAAD's interests and Kilpatrick's interests have one thing in common; A concern for the welfare of the United States of America. In this country our Constitution guarantees freedom of expression. Mr. Kilpatrick is free to publish this piece in spite of demonstrable errors of fact and distortions.

Indeed, the very purpose of this essay is to disparage gay people and Muslims in general and then to consolidate the two groups, that Kilpatrick doesn't like. It's sophistry. Americans loath Muslim "extremists." Kilpatrick suggests that our citizenry should hold the same disdain for gay people. Americans should have extreme distrust of both groups.
In retrospect, it is clear that gay activists have always wanted much more than tolerance or a “place at the table.” They want to be at the head of the table and they want you to submit your values to theirs …

Christians who mistakenly believed that gay rights advocates were only seeking parity would be just as mistaken to believe that Muslim activist organizations such as the OIC, CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, MAS, and other “civil rights” groups are merely asking for equal treatment or that they will be satisfied once their current demands are met.
As one can easily see, this is all about Christian primacy with respect to gays and Muslims. Neither GLAAD nor OIC really have much to do with Kilpatrick's overall agenda. I don't know enough to speculate on OIC's intentions. As for the what he probably refers to as “The Homosexual Agenda®” it is really quite simple; Equal protection under the law — nothing less and nothing more. The rest is all Christianist self-victimization. It is their favorite indoor sport.

On the surface, Mr. Kilpatrick succeeds as hate monger. More critical readers will find him to be a multifaceted bigot.
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