Monday, February 17, 2014

NOM Claims That Their Defeat in Indiana is a Victory

National Organization for Marriage
Today the Indiana senate approved HJR3, a bill to ban marriage equality. The bill was stripped of a provision banning civil unions by the Indiana house and approved by the senate in that form. Originally, this was intended to go to voters this year. However, because the language changed, the earliest that the bill can now go to voters is 2016.

Today's blog headline from NOM is: “Indiana Legislature Affirms True Marriage in HJR 3 Vote.”

For some time, National Organization for Marriage was pleading with supporters to contact their senators in Indiana asking them to restore the original language in the bill which dates back to 2011. On February 10, they organized a rally at the capital, along with American Family Association and Focus on the Family. The objective, they stated:
The Senate must pass HJR 3 as it was originally written and passed in 2011 — this includes restoring the second sentence that the House deleted in January — or the people’s chance to vote this November could be in serious jeopardy.
A major blow to NOM's credibility.

Only a short time ago passage of this bill, in its original form, seemed a virtual certainty given substantial Republican majorities in both houses of the state legislature. My theory is that Republicans sabotaged their own bill at the behest of business leaders and the state Chamber of Commerce. Business does not want the state to be portrayed as a collection of religious yahoos.
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