Wednesday, February 12, 2014

NOM: Long and Wrong on Nevada

It has become almost unsporting to criticize National Organization for Marriage. The organization, a proxy for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, has become increasingly inept and irrelevant if not delusional about marriage equality and their own influence over elected officials.

Last night's long winded headline is: “National Organization for Marriage Sharply Criticizes Nevada's Governor and Attorney General for Misreading Court Precedents and Abandoning Marriage, Voters and Their Constitutional Duties.” This is followed by a subtitle which reads “'In the end, this is simply an act of cowardice, with these officials bending to the false narrative of 'inevitability' projected by the radicals determined to impose marriage redefinition nationwide.' — Brian Brown, NOM president —”
Pampered Prelate:
SF Archbishop
Sal Cordileone

In other words, Brian Brown and San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone (the Church's point man on marriage discrimination) are having yet another lousy day. On Monday, Nevada's attorney general and governor announced that they will not defend the state's same-sex marriage ban pending before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, saying a recent court decision made the state's arguments "no longer defensible." May I make a few points?
  1. Neither the governor nor the attorney general of Nevada give a rat's ass about condemnation by some fringe band of religious zealots. Get a grip on reality Brian.
  2. Nevada's gaming and hospitality industry wants marriage equality to come to the state — particularly since the Supreme Court decision in United States v. Windsor. That ruling means that Nevada same-sex marriages are now federally recognized regardless of which state the newly betrothed live in. The states are now competing for gay marriage dollars.
  3. At the risk of seeming cynical, Nevada's gaming and hospitality industry has a history of fulfilling its political agenda. I suspect that a similar situation exists in Indiana and that business interests have forced GOPers to sabotage their own marriage discrimination bill. Where, exactly, does Brian Brown think that the GOP gets money from?
  4. Brown is incapable of rational analysis. Marriage equality is inevitable and there is nothing that NOM (or the Church) can do to change that. One of these cases is probably going to get to the United States Supreme Court in the next term. This will probably result in a decision along the same lines as Windsor. The foundation has already been built.
  5. This matter is not up to the electorate. Voters don't get to decide the constitutional rights of citizens.
  6. Finally, I think that NOM fatigue has set in. Why get all worked up over something that has no effect on you? The reality is setting in that we have been telling the truth all along; The only people affected by marriage equality are those thus wed.
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