Monday, February 10, 2014

Stupid is persisting with a dumb idea

Starbucks Pride - South Beach
My local Starbucks on Ocean Drive
during pride week
Starbucks Corporation (000 omitted):
Year Ended: Sep 29, 2013 Sep 30, 2012 Oct 2, 2011
Total Revenue14,892,20013,299,50011,700,400
Cost of Revenue6,382,3005,813,3004,915,500
Gross Profit8,509,9007,486,2006,784,900

Jeremy notes that, once again, National Organization for Marriage has trotted out their "Dump Starbucks" campaign. Christians everywhere might be dumping their Starbucks coffee. Who knows? What we do know is that the corporation during this little fit (which started in early 2012) has grown from a 12 billion dollar enterprise to a 15 billion dollar enterprise. That's an increase of 25% over a two year span.

One of two things might have happened. Either there aren't that many Christians or they prefer their Starbucks coffee over National Organization for Marriage. Presumably it's the latter.

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