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Apparently Witherspoon's Pseudo-Intellectual Blog Has Run Out of Marginally Sane Authors

"The Great Catholic Monarch"
For the uninitiated Witherspoon Institute is the Opus Dei led group founded by Robby George and Luis Tellez (Tellez, an Opus Dei numerary, is also on the board of National Organization for Marriage). Witherspoon funds junk science (like the Regnerus "research"). Its blog provides a place for Thomistic polemics that are verbose, nonsensical and authoritative sounding with opinion stated as fact. It is impossible to believe that a single human being (the Pope) is inerrant and still be a critical thinker.

This Sunday we were entertained by Kelly Bartlett. According to Witherspoon, “Kelly Bartlett writes about pro-life and pro-family issues at” That's it. is an Australian fundamentalist Catholic site; “Put another queer on the barbee.”

Ms. Bartlett wants us to know that “In the name of equality, same-sex marriage seeks to codify gender discrimination.” Gender discrimination? Seriously? She wants us to believe that same-sex marriage is sexist. Well, at least it is a marginally original idea. Batty as hell but it's something new.

All of these people (Ryan Anderson, Ms. Bartlett, Robert George, George Weigel, Ed Whelan and so on) have the exact same problem with marriage equality. In 2003, then Cardinal Ratzinger (future Pope Benedict) wrote a treatise on same-sex marriage. It is a highly offensive piece, in many ways. Ratzinger concludes his bit of official homophobia:
Legal recognition of homosexual unions or placing them on the same level as marriage would mean not only the approval of deviant behaviour, with the consequence of making it a model in present-day society, but would also obscure basic values which belong to the common inheritance of humanity. The Church cannot fail to defend these values, for the good of men and women and for the good of society itself.
Ratzinger is wrong on many levels but his arguments, including the assertion that gays are intrinsically disordered, are treated is inerrant and constitute the teachings of the Catholic Church insofar as gays and same-sex marriage are concerned. There is a dearth of Catholic intellectuals who criticize the hierarchy of the Church or any of its teachings.

Getting back to Ms. Bartlett, she writes:
It’s one thing for two guys to love each other; it’s altogether different for society to endorse this union by granting these two men the status of marriage. A male marriage might not look overtly sexist, but what about the long-term effects? Redefining marriage grants men the legal right to deprive children of a relationship with their mother simply because she's female. Because she’s “born that way.”  What if this gender discrimination continues?
Back up Ms. Bartlett. Gays (men and women) are raising about two million children in this country. Most of those people are not in same-sex marriages. Marriage equality serves the needs of kids already being reared by gay couples. This idea that this amounts to gender discrimination is patently absurd. It's just one more failed attempt at providing a logical explanation for what amounts to an illogical religious objection. She continues:
Obviously, two men cannot reproduce with each other, but in tandem with marriage comes the right to adopt. If a male couple’s adopted son meets and marries a like-minded guy whose dads commissioned him from a surrogate mother, then we would see an extended family bereft of not only mothers but also grandmothers. On both sides.  Under current law in many states, this chauvinism can continue for generations.
The right to adopt is independent of marriage. Is she suggesting that children raised by gay men are likely to be gay? That not at all what the evidence suggests. However, that is what has to exist for Ms. Barlett's theory to persist "for generations." It's ludicrous. Just because an ambitious priest who was an accomplished Vatican courtier wrote it doesn't make it true. This woman is incapable of critical thinking. 

This entire article gets nuttier with each verbose paragraph. She mercifully concludes:
And when they [your friends] refer to same-sex marriage, invite them to join the right side of history by rejecting sexism and supporting pro-gender marriage.  Because gender matters to everyone, including homosexuals, as well as their children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren . . .
Watch. "Pro-gender marriage" will materialize into a new talking point. By mid-week, the hate group, Ruth Institute, will be quoting from this article as if it were written by their god. Same-sex marriage will become a "sexist agenda."  The phrase "holy crap" takes on new meaning.
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