Thursday, March 6, 2014

Christians: Make a sign - Problem solved

The owners of this establishment do not approve of homosexual "marriage"
ADF and Ethics and Public Policy Center are busy getting state legislatures to provide Christians with a license to discriminate against gay people in public accommodations. The idea is that they get to opt out of anything that goes against their “sincerely held religious beliefs” — whatever that means. Did anyone mention special rights? Why do they get to opt out?

It seems to me that it should be the gay community that gets the right to opt out. If a merchant doesn't want to take our money then he or she needs to  simply post a conspicuous sign that reads (scare quotes and all); The owners of this establishment do not approve of homosexual "marriage."

Posting such a sign is perfectly legal. I can assure those merchants that gay couples will never bother them for services. We will take our money elsewhere.  What are they ashamed of? If they are true Evangelicals then they should be spreading the word and what proclaims the “good news” better than anti-gay discrimination?

They can get creative, adding one of those same-sex cake toppers to the background. Perhaps they would like to describe their business as a “Christian establishment.” Go for it. Whatever they need to do to create a gay repellent will get the job done. No complaints. No litigation. Problem solved.
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