Friday, March 14, 2014

Christopher Doyle defends his brand of child abuse in Christian media

Christopher Doyle doesn't seem to understand that attempting to change the sexual orientation of a minor constitutes child abuse. Children cannot give informed consent. Therefore, the therapist quack is yielding to the parents' wishes rather than those of the child. Gay kids are often so beaten down by religious conservative parents that they will do just about anything to make the mistreatment stop. “Why can't my parents love me for who I am?” [anonymous quote from a gay kid]

Christopher Doyle
Doyle wrote an op-ed for the Christian Post on Thursday titled “Setting the Record Straight on 'Gay Conversion' Therapy for Minors.” This was prompted by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals' refusal to hear an appeal over the 2012 California law prohibiting Sexual Orientation Change Efforts on children.

According to Doyle, though, he is winning hearts and minds:
However, recent legislative efforts by activists in Virginia and Washington have failed, and a hearing in Maryland on similar legislation was cancelled [sic], partly because the lies and half-truths of activists are catching up to them.
All that bullshit is comparable to his ex-gay pride month or week or day or minute or whatever that never really happened. It is considerably less harmless than what Doyle and others do to children. The more important lies are those associated with his efforts to justify his practice. Among his more dishonest assertions is this:
… clinical outcomes are consistent with epidemiological data that has found homosexual feelings in adolescence to be fluid, rather than fixed. Longitudinal studies by Savin-Williams & Ream (2007) and Ott et al. (2011) following large samples of youth found that seventy-five and sixty-six percent of adolescents, respectively, who initially identified their sexual orientation as "homosexual" or "unsure," reported exclusive heterosexual attraction at follow-up.
Really? "[E]pidemiological data?"I would love to hear from Doyle how the data correlates to his clinical outcomes. Noticeably absent from Doyle's schtick is any reference to outcomes over time. He doesn't study kids on a yearly basis after he is done with them. He doesn't do it because he knows what the results will be. Furthermore if what he calls "clinical outcomes" are "consistent" with fluidity in the general population then his "therapy" is pointless. Therapy should alter the results in his favor. He actually admits that he accomplishes nothing.

Most importantly, the fact that there is some fluidity to sexual orientation doesn't mean that a third party has any influence over it. In other words, just because the outdoor temperature changes doesn't mean that I can do anything to change it.

The saddest part of all this is the paragraph leading up to the last quote:
In my clinical experience, I have worked with roughly 50-75 adolescents (mostly young men) who have been distressed by homosexual desires that did not align with their values and life goals. In the vast majority of cases, the youth who entered therapy did not identify themselves as gay, but rather, believed they were inherently heterosexual with unwanted homosexual desires. For these clients, underlying issues for the development of same-sex attractions are identified and resolved over the course of treatment, with outcomes typically consisting of a reduction of homosexual feelings, along a continuum, and an increase in heterosexual feelings.
It's strange how Doyle finds all these straight kids with homosexual desires. Are the majority of his victims bisexual? And how does he measure sexual attractions? Scientifically or anecdotally? Surely he realizes that children try to please their parents. Based on experience, Doyle makes it up as he goes along.

Mr. Doyle, where is the evidence?
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