Thursday, March 6, 2014

J. Matt Barber's New Personality Disorder Has Surfaced

J. Matt Barber - Liberty Counsel
Matt Barber, a staffer at the hate group Liberty Counsel, is confounded and confused. He is also very pissed off that new polls indicate that a majority of Americans (59%) support marriage equality.

According to American Family Association's blog:

Barber calls it remarkable that half of those surveyed believe there is a constitutional right to same-gender marriage. America's founders would be shocked at that attitude, he says.

Our founders would have progressed just like most normal people; Just like a majority of the United States Supreme Court. More importantly, the foundation for marriage equality can be found in Loving v. Virginia where the Supreme Court ruled that marriage to the person of one's choice is a fundamental civil right. Indeed, in his opinion for the majority in United States v. Windsor, Justice Kennedy cites Loving as an example of how states are not permitted to discriminate.

Barber tells OneNewsNow: "To say that they could have even conceptualized same-sex marriage, much less imagine that there was some kind of constitutional right for sodomy-based marriage, is the ridiculous assertion to radically deconstruct and redefine the institution of marriage."

Barber points out if there is such a right, then there is also a right to incestuous marriage, polygamy, and marriage between an adult and a child .
Mr. Barber's mail-order law degree didn't do him much good. Incest and pedophilia are criminal acts. I am unaware of any major effort to legalize polygamy. Mr. Barber needs to also familiarize himself with Lawrence v. Texas whereby the Supreme Court struck down so-called anti-sodomy laws.

Mr. Barber needs a new hobby. Within a year or two, same-sex marriage will be legal in all 50 states and there's not a damned thing that Barber or Liberty Counsel can do about it.
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