Thursday, March 20, 2014

NOM desperate for relevance

National Organization for Marriage is clinging to the notion that their shrinking base is still above critical mass and that it can be motivated. To that end their president, Brian Brown, is soliciting both financial support and activism. Today's email blast and blog post is titled “Three Ways to Get Involved.”
  1. Spread the word via social media.
  2. Become a bus captain (for their so-called marriage march in June).
  3. Take advantage of lobby day.

Brown is in denial. Marriage equality is now being settled in the courts. United States v. Windsor was our version of Brown v. Board of Education. Conservative and liberal federal judges have concluded that Windsor established a standard consistent with Loving v. Virginia. Justice Kennedy even cited Loving in his opinion.

The only reason that NOM is not entirely irrelevant is that they have the backing of, and are a proxy for, the Catholic Church. Despite the fact that Catholics back marriage equality in percentage greater than the general public that does not change the teachings of the Church.

The bottom line is that NOM base and the Defenders of the Faith who support the organization have become powerless. What remains are people who are simply out of touch with reality. Who are they going to lobby and to what end? The chances of getting a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage are nil.
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