Friday, March 14, 2014

Scott Lively: Homosexuals are in control of California and its governor

Hate monger on a hate group's site. Scott Lively took to the blog of American Family Association to explain that:
This tiny group of probably less than two percent of the population of California has clearly taken control of the Democratic Party, which means they are in control of the state of California.
Governor Brown is just privy and part of this campaign to advance the homosexual movement at the expense of Christianity.
Right because Christians are such a persecuted minority. Lively's real problem is with California's electorate. Lively, by the way, is a citizen of Massachusetts.

What these people never seem to understand is that the number of gay people is irrelevant. LGBT rights are about equal protection under law and due process, things that matter to the residents of California. Laws are passed to protect LGBT citizens from persecution and discrimination by people like Scott Lively.

In addition to, what is likely more than 5% of the population, most people have LGBT friends, neighbors and family members. It's actually the majority. Most recently, in spite of sponsors spending more than a quarter-million dollars, residents refused to consider the revocation of a transgender rights law.

Move along Mr. Lively.

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