Friday, March 14, 2014

Sullivan either misses or obfuscates the issue with Brandon Ambrosino

I am not a gratuitous Andrew Sullivan basher. While I often disagree with him he is provocative — and that's a good thing. He causes me to think. Having said that, I am disappointed with his take on the Brandon Ambrosino affair.

I case you don't know, Brandon Ambrosino, who is openly gay, is a graduate of Liberty University. He was recently hired by Ezra Klein's new venture, Vox, as a "writing fellow" (already with the pretentious academic titles). The problem with that is Ambrosino himself. In addition to being an apologist for conservative Christian detractors, he asserts that gay is a choice. During the Duck Dynasty flap, Ambrosino accused the gay community of being bigots. Ambrosino has also referred to tansgenderism as a "sexual choice." Equality Matters has covered Ambrosino in more depth here, here and here.

Along comes Sullivan:
He is unusual, in as much as his journey into gay life from religious fundamentalism inevitably makes his take on being gay a very particular – and fascinating – one. But guess what? Millions of gay people are born and brought up in fundamentalist Christian environments and families. Understanding their lives and finding a place for them in the world is something we should be striving to achieve rather than attempting to snuff out.

He doesn't seem to have made that journey. The problem is not that Ambrosino is a conservative Christian (we can deal with that). Rather, it is ignorance, dishonesty and narcissism ("look at me"); He writes some very stupid things that are contrary to LGBT equality. Let's not make a victim out of anti-gay gay. Ambrosino, like most conservative Christians is pretty good at feigning persecution from gays without any help from Sullivan.
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