Friday, April 11, 2014

NOM fixated on Mozilla controversy

National Organization for Marriage
National Organization for Marriage doesn't like a post in Slate about the Proposition 8 campaign to which Brendan Eich contributed. Their conclusion: They're Lying Again. The Slate piece, written by Mark Joseph Stern, reminds us just how ugly the Prop 8 campaign was. Well, not according to NOM.

Brian Brown provides some quotes from their political director, Frank Schubert, claiming that the campaign ads cited by Mr. Stern were neither run nor produced by the campaign.

That might be true (although I have my doubts). Either way, Mr. Eich donated to a campaign that Stern describes:
Early on, Prop 8’s supporters decided to focus their campaign primarily on children, stoking parents’ fears about gay people brainwashing their kids with pro-gay messages or, implicitly, turning their children gay.
Stern wrote the absolute truth. Who paid for the advertisements is irrelevant. Eich donated to a campaign that denigrated gay people as "homosexual recruiters."

Furthermore, the theme that “gay marriage will be taught in school” was conceived by Schubert and he bragged about it after the campaign. That conveyed the message that gay people are somehow a threat to children.
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