Tuesday, April 15, 2014

NOM's newest "victim" - the truth about Chauncy Childs

National Organization for Marriage introduces the victim du jour. This time it is a woman in Oregon named Chauncy Childs. Here's NOM's explanation:
You haven't heard of her? I'm not surprised. That's because she's not a gay activist. She's not a radical leftist trying to redefine marriage and family to suit her own personal desires. Instead, she's a pro-marriage individual who posted on her private Facebook page some expressions of her beliefs.

As you may have guessed, that is not the whole story. Ms. Childs and her husband, John, are trying to open a gourmet grocery in Sellwood, OR, an upscale progressive suburb of Portland. The fact that she posted to Facebook about her opposition to “homosexual‘marriage’”did not exactly improve her standing in the neighborhood. When she wrote "When basic morality ceases to exist, chaos ensues" people could attribute it to her devout Mormon beliefs. She also wrote “a tiny minority is dictating a change of our social structure.” Yuck!

However, what really outraged the community was the fact that Childs said that businesses should be able to deny services to gays.

Here she is, creating a  new public accommodation and, before the doors even open, she is claiming the right to deny service in violation of state and local laws. She has since clarified saying that she would never deny service or employment on that basis. The family also donated $1,000 to the LGBTQ Youth program of the Equity Foundation in Portland.

The point is that Ms. Childs is a victim of her own stupidity, her lack of critical thinking and her narrow mindedness. Marriage equality is coming to Oregon in the near term. Ironically, the Childs family will be a direct beneficiary. Or will they? What happens when they are required to cater to a same-sex marriage? The thousand bucks was obviously spent on PR. It remains to be seen if they will now behave in a socially responsible fashion.
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