Monday, April 7, 2014

Todd Starnes' nutty response to Elane Photography case

Todd Starnes
By now you all know that the Supreme Court denied to hear the case of Elane Photography. This lets stand a New Mexico Supreme Court ruling that the company violated New Mexico's anti-discrimination ordinances when it refused to photograph a lesbian commitment ceremony. No surprise. This was settled law.

Todd Starnes concludes a lengthy polemic — actually an advertisement for his upcoming book:

I believe militant gay rights groups will start targeting churches that own fellowship halls. I believe they will start targeting pastors who preach against homosexuality. And I believe they will go after individuals who attend those kinds of churches.
It’s not out of the realm of possibility that one day Americans could be forced to answer this question: Do you know or have you ever been a member of a church that opposes gay marriage? The religious cleansing of America has begun.
Sure Todd. Sure.
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