Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Christians feigning discrimination

Home schooling is a can opener. The parent, as amateur teacher, opens up the kid's head and pours in the bullshit. I would prefer a job applicant who went to a public high school over an applicant who was home schooled. It's really no different than hiring a Harvard Law graduate over one from Liberty Law.

Well that doesn't sit well with the good Christians at Home School Legal Defense Association:
Homeschoolers Need Not Apply
Company Announces Hiring Ban on Homeschooled Graduates

NiSource, Inc., an Indiana-based energy distribution group with operations in Ohio, told the Home School Legal Defense Association that the company will not hire homeschool graduates. In response to numerous letters written in an attempt to resolve a dispute over a particular job applicant whose job offer had been rescinded because he was homeschooled, NiSource Senior Counsel Adele O’Connor told me that NiSource “disagrees with the conclusions in your letter as to the legal requirements regarding a diploma. These requirements are set forth in Chapter 3313 of the Ohio Revised Code.”
These are some of the same people who would bitch about ENDA.

Ms. O'Connor is correct. She probably pointed out that Chapter 3313 covers Boards of Education and has absolutely nothing to do with the employment policies of a private company.

Home schooling is entirely voluntary and is usually done over the objections of professional educators. Home schooled children are not an oppressed minority. There are good reasons for not hiring home schooled applicants having nothing to do with their faith. Without being exposed to competing ideas, the home schooled individual does not develop either intellectual curiosity or critical thinking skills. Moreover, they are unexposed to cultural diversity just as they are unexposed to intellectual diversity. I, too, would question their ability to adapt in the workplace.

New hires are expensive. To first year's wages, add about 40% for training and assimilation. Little wonder why companies are anxious to reduce the risk.
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