Wednesday, May 7, 2014

NOM celebrates a Pyrrhic victory

Today, Christopher Plante of National Organization for Marriage, writes:
Marriage Wins Big at the Indiana Primaries … The headline speaks volumes, “Social conservatives post wins in Indiana legislative races,” once again proving that supporting marriage as the union of one man and one woman is a winning political position.
Well, not exactly. As we have seen – time and time again – the further to the right Republican candidates are, the less electable they become in the general election. Acres of the political graveyard are filled with NOM's “pro-marriage” (meaning anti-gay) candidates. From Sharon Angle in Nevada to Carl Palladino in New York, NOM supported candidates are usually losers. Does anyone remember Indiana State Treasurer Richard Earl Mourdock? He ousted Dick Lugar, Indiana's senior Senator, in the 2012 primary. Mourdock was defeated by Democrat Joe Donnelly. The fact that Mourdock is the schmuck who said that "life is that gift from God that I think even if life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen" Did not help his cause.

It should be perfectly obvious, even to a Catholic extremist like Brian Brown (NOM's head), that the general public supports equal rights for gay people. 40% to 50% of the electorate probably has a close family member who is gay. Because gays are more comfortable being out, people are more likely than not to have a gay co-worker in their midst. Republic primary voters tend to be the most strident of GOPers.

There is a certain pleasant irony to all of this. Plante explains:
NOM, the Indiana Family Institute, the American Family Association of Indiana, Citizenlink [Focus on the Family], and Family Research Council  Action had warned politicians before the marriage amendment vote in the legislature that if they did not give the people the chance to vote on marriage this year, there would be political repercussions.  After the failure of the legislature to pass the question to the voters, the coalition worked together to choose its targets, particularly the ousting of Heuer and Kubacki while protecting marriage champions.
As these anti-gay groups coalesce to influence GOP primaries they do us a great service. Their activism creates radical Republican candidates who are more easily defeated by Democrats in the general election. Hate groups wasting time and money.
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