Wednesday, May 14, 2014

NOM vows to file appeal re denial of right to intervene in Oregon

National Organization for Marriage
As you might know, National Organization for Marriage spent considerable time and money attempting to intervene "on behalf of its members" in the Oregon marriage equality trial. I presumed that the motion would be denied on the basis that NOM could not demonstrate an interest in the outcome. Apparently the motion was denied for failing to file the motion on time. So now they will spend more time and more money on an appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. According to their chairman, John Eastman:
We disagree with the Judge's finding that our motion was untimely. Although her unwillingness to defend Oregon's law has been known for some time, the state Attorney General made clear only in April that she would not appeal a ruling invalidating the marriage amendment. We believe it is imperative that a party be able to appeal any adverse ruling and that we are entitled under the law to intervene to defend the measure and appeal any adverse ruling. For this reason, we will be filing an appeal of today's ruling with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals seeking a reversal of this decision.
It is worth noting that Eastman was also NOM's lead attorney in this matter which means that his decision creates self-enrichment (he's not doing it for free I can assure you). This statement not only reflects the losing side but the losing attorney as well.
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