Monday, May 12, 2014

To show their love for "same-sex attracted" people the bishops make a film with Richard Cohen and Christopher Doyle

Richard Cohen in The Third Way
Richard Cohen in The Third Way
What were they thinking? The film is called The Third Way. It was produced by the Archdiocese of Indianapolis; executive producer, Fr. John Hollowell, Pastor of Annunciation Catholic Church. This thing starts off rather well, taking a shot at the intolerance of Evangelical Christians. The film seems designed to sell the notion that the Catholic Church is a welcoming place for "same-sex attracted" people who simply need to be chaste.

Christopher Doyle in The Third Way
Christopher Doyle in The Third Way
Of course, about the last thing you want to do in a film about acceptance is to include these two "ex-gay" crackpots. It seems that every so-called "ex-gay" has an economic interest in claiming to be ex-gay. I could write volumes about both of these whack jobs. In brief:

Richard Cohen, the Jewish-to-Christian-to-Moonie-to-?, falsely claims that bad parents or sexual abuse make people gay. He managed to get banned for life by the American Counseling Association for unprofessional conduct. Cohen has also claimed that gay people are child molesters who recruit children. His International Healing Foundation has connections to the Ugandan "kill-the-gays" bill and its proponents used Cohen's book as their guide. In December of 2009, Cohen made the mistake of appearing on the Rachel Maddow Show. He wanted to promote his idiotic book. Things didn't exactly go as planned when Cohen made statements that were inconsistent with what he had written.

Cohen has clients abuse furniture with tennis rackets to drive out the gay. Cohen also spends a great deal of time physically cuddling his clients, strictly for therapeutic purposes.

Christopher Doyle, who is also an employee of International Healing Foundation, is always professing his love and acceptance of gay people. Except that Doyle is the jerk who wrote a polemic for the hate-filled World Net Daily titled “Warning to homosexual youth: It gets worse.” It begins:
In recent months, gay activists have seized on a string of suicides among sexually confused youth as yet another wedge to force their agenda into public schools.
Doyle goes on to suggest that homosexual activists™ are somehow responsible for the low self-esteem of gay children.
It’s all too typical for homosexual activists to justify their behavior by claiming “we’re born that way” and then blame the tragic consequences of their actions on an intolerant society. But pushing this lie to young people is the ultimate death sentence …
Yeah, we get it Chris. The option is to hire you to turn their kids from gay to straight. Recently, Doyle was the face of the "ex-gay" pride month. According to Doyle he is the constant recipient of death threats from homosexuals. Sure.

Getting back to the film, the Catholic Church is what it is and the film devotes a great deal of time to the "disordered" nonsense. Let's face it, the Church will  never apologize. The last Pope, when he was Cardinal Ratzinger, claimed that placing children with gay parents was an act of violence. The Church enables National Organization for Marriage which routinely portrays gay people as a threat to children.
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