Thursday, May 8, 2014

Yet another NOM "flush"

Money down the crapper
National Organization for Marriage has spent considerable time and money in their attempt to intervene in the Oregon marriage equality case. There will be a hearing on the matter on May 14 before US District Court Judge Michael McShane. By law NOM should probably be excluded from intervention on the grounds that they cannot demonstrate how the outcome of the case will affect them.

That might be irrelevant. The Washington Post reports today that Oregon voters are likely to legalize same-sex marriage, amending the state's constitution. Oregon would be the first state to amend its constitution to ban same-sex marriage and then amend the constitution to legalize same-sex marriage. Reversals in Maine and Maryland were changes in civil law in contrast to constitutional amendments.

Call me a cynic but the agenda in Oregon might have little to do with marriage. Donations to NOM have been funneled through NOM Education Fund making them tax deductible. Last fall, I determined that NOM improperly channeled $4 million in big-donor contributions into NOM Ed to make them tax deductible. Yet those funds were used to support NOM which is not entitled to collect tax deductible donations. Moreover, it would appear that those donors were conspirators. I made a formal complaint to the IRS. The attempt to intervene in Oregon might really be an effort to boost fund raising by providing tax deductions. Those deductions are only valid if the funds are used as solicited. If they go into NOM's general fund (which in all likelihood they will) then the deductions are improper.

The holier-than-thou NOM (which is really a proxy for the Roman Catholic Bishops) seems to engage in selective observation of laws and regulations. We have seen this in their defiance of state campaign finance disclosure laws. It seems that they have also run afoul of US tax codes.

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