Tuesday, June 10, 2014

AFA Proves Again How Difficult it is to be a White-Heterosexual-Christian-Male in America

Tim Widmon - AFA
Why is this douche-bag grinning?
American Family Association is a designated hate group for good cause. This is the merry band of idiots that employs the very unbalanced Bryan Fischer as its spokesman. Today Tim Wildmon asks “How you can live in a thought-police culture?”

This, of course is followed by the usual litany of gay bullies oppressing the 95% majority.

Straight America is scared to death of offending or potentially offending gay, lesbian and transgender people and their powerful movement. It's really embarrassing to watch. They say "Jump!" and most Americans say, "How high?" Sometimes they just say, "Ju..." and the straight people start doing jumping jacks as fast as they can to show the world they are not homophobic, which is the unforgiveable <sic> sin in today's society.
If only that were true. LGBT citizens are not a protected class when it comes to the 1964 Civil Rights Act and we cannot seem to even get ENDA passed in Congress. With issues of equal protection and due process at stake, we are slogging our way to marriage equality state-by-state. It's ironic because every time we try to get laws passed to reduce bullied children, AFA stands right up to say that they have a divine right to bully gay kids. Eventually, Wildmon gets around to Michael Sam as an example of, well, I'm not sure:
Sam and his boyfriend, Vito Cammisano, decided to go "in your face," both to themselves (literally) and to those watching the draft on television including millions of young boys no doubt. After first kissing without debris, Sam then decided to put some cake in his mouth and go back after Vito for some more affection.
Get that? The usual, not subtle, implication that gays recruit young boys. Somehow, seeing two men kiss causes young boys to be gay. The ignorance and stupidity is just astounding. Poor Timmy:
It was gross. But then I'm an old-school prude who doesn't believe men should be having sex with other men, so that is the reaction you would expect from people like me. I believe that kind of behavior is immoral, unhealthy and unnatural.
Mr. Wildmon seems proud of his bigotry and ignorance. Then we get to poor, poor Brendan Eich after Wildmon claims that we represent just 3% of the population:

“While Wildmon is concerned about young boys being exposed to the gay, he has no problem with young boys being exposed to ignorant bigotry at the hands of someone with some influence in that sphere.”

Disagree with GLBTQ in these areas and your life, as you know it, will be over. Just ask former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich who was forced out of his job when it was found out he had given $1,000 to support Prop 8 in California in 2008 which defined marriage as "one man and one woman." There was never any accusation that he had mistreated anyone in the workplace, it was just the mere fact that he held the same view that Barack Obama did (at the time) and seven million other Californians who voted to pass the amendment. That was enough to force him out, even though he founded the company.
Wildmon knows nothing about the open source development culture. This is also not about Eich's views on anything. Eich contributed money to a very ugly campaign that characterized gay people as being a serious threat to children. Moreover, Barack Obama clearly opposed Proposition 8. If you oppose same-sex marriage then don't have one. Otherwise, we have every right to express our extreme opprobrium.

Onto the victim:
Miami Dolphins player Don Jones watched the two men go tongue to tongue on ESPN and tweeted that it was "horrible." For merely expressing a view that millions of Americans were also thinking, Jones was quickly fined by the NFL, suspended and sent to "educational training" camp.
Michael Sam is only the first openly gay player in the NFL. With a 53-man roster. it's quite probable that every NFL team has two to three gay players. Nobody wants that kind of bigoted trash talk in the locker room and that includes the heterosexual players. Moreover, Don Jones is a very public figure. While Wildmon is concerned about young boys being exposed to the gay, he has no problem with young boys being exposed to ignorant bigotry at the hands of someone with some influence in that sphere.
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