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Mainwaring? Witherspoon must be running low on crackpots to write its pseudo-intellectual blog

“What Mainwaring completely overlooks is the changing dynamic.”

Doug Mainwaring
Doug Mainwaring
According to NOM's house faggot, Doug Mainwaring, “I am a gay man who is opposed to same-sex marriage.” That would be fine. He is free not to marry another man. Mainwaring, however, is National Organization for Marriage's willing (conservative Catholic) accomplice. He allows himself to be dragged around like a little puppy just to prove that there are gay people who are opposed to marriage equality. A couple of years ago, whenever a state legislature was considering same-sex marriage, Mainwaring was dragged by his leash to testify before the applicable legislative committee. In those arenas, Mainwaring has proven to be spectacularly unpersuasive.

Today's bit of sophistry is titled Marriage, Marketing, and Intimidation: "It is up to you, fearless reader, to act." The theme is that we don't have better ideas. We are just very good at manipulation and intimidation.

Before I go further, there is one word does not appear within the 1,968 words in this polemic. That word is Massachusetts. If someone has serious objections to same-sex marriage then they should be able to point to the Massachusetts catalog of same-sex marriage consequences. Indeed, what is the collateral damage in Massachusetts or even Iowa? They never seem to do that. What remains is a rather lengthy and rambling denunciation of all things gay. I found one part particularly amusing:
To understand this cultural evolution, we must look back a quarter century to the publication of a book which, at the time, went mostly unnoticed. Published in 1989, After the Ball (subtitled, How America will conquer its fear and hatred of Gays in the 90’s), presented a comprehensive plan to establish the normalcy of gays and lesbians and to secure broader acceptance and rights.

The manifesto was laid out by a pair of Harvard graduates. Marshall Kirk (’80) was a researcher in neuropsychiatry. Hunter Madsen (’85) studied politics and went on to work on Madison Avenue, becoming an expert in public persuasion tactics and social marketing. The marketing strategy that Kirk and Madsen contrived is a resounding success. In many ways, what we now see occurring is attributable to their prescience.
The only reason that I know about this out-of-print and modestly distributed book is because every anti-gay religious yahoo points to it as The Original Homosexual Agenda™. They claim, as Mainwaring claims, that gay rights have been achieved through marketing and manipulation. We have seemingly conspired to obscure the real evil of homosexuality. And this book is the blueprint for it all! Eureka!

The reality is that Mr. Mainwaring is a sick, self-loathing queer whose mental hygiene is held captive by the Catholic Church. According to him:
Madsen and Kirk’s scheme has worked brilliantly. We are bombarded with evidence of their success in the news every day.
Except that nobody has read this fucking book. And even if they did? What is the point of all this? But it gets worse:
The notion that there is something unconstitutional, if not anti-human, about rejecting genderless marriage has seized the imagination of those who hold power. Let’s be clear: the idea of same-sex marriage did not win at the ballot box in November 2012, or at the US Supreme Court last June, or among certain jurists and legislators since then. The marketing strategy developed by leftist social psychologists did, and it continues to do so.
Ugh. Brief lip service to the courts and then it's back to the book. So when NOM originally won the Proposition 8 contest it was because of Frank Schubert's marketing strategy — something that he took ample credit for. Schubert was successful marketing the dishonest concept that gays were a threat to children. He did the same thing the following year in Maine.

By 2012, we learned how to blunt Schubert's bullshit. We didn't get into arguments over whether or not “gay marriage will be taught in school.” By 2012 we knew to simply call it nonsense and move on. This fight is about equal protection for a minority, not school curricula.

What Mainwaring completely overlooks is the changing dynamic. As more states recognized same-sex marriage – and nothing bad happened – it became increasingly silly, if not irrational, to rail against it. We had something to sell. Gay couples benefited from legal recognition as did the many children that they are raising. New York's acceptance in 2011 put the marriage equality movement at critical mass; not some narrowly distributed book that was written a quarter-century ago by two people nobody knows.

Mainwaring goes on to selectively and partially quote from the abstract of Cass Sunstein's 2007 paper on Availability Cascades. If he read the paper in full (or even understood the abstract) he would realize that Sunstein's paper is based on the plausibility of widely accepted conspiracy theories. Had Mainwaring taken the time to email Cass Sunstein or his co-author, Timur Kuran they might have prevented his embarrassing misapplication of their paper. Mainwaring is way out of his depth.

Mainwaring goes on to claim that the consent that we have achieved is artificial thus fragile. Doug has a plan:
But the ground won by the radical left can be regained. If we are as disciplined and focused as the proponents of same-sex marriage, we can not only retake this ground, we can also pave new inroads. We must not despair; we should regroup and prepare to wage the battle in a new and different way.
Mr. Mainwaring, again, fails to notice that there are married gay couples all over the place including states that do not recognize same-sex marriage (federal recognition is portable). All these gay marriages and nothing bad has happened. Why would any sane, rational person want to wage battle against something that doesn't affect them in any way whatsoever? It makes no sense. Mainwaring goes on and on and finally ends up at:
Do not be afraid to speak up. Don’t make the mistake of remaining quiet until you are certain you have a winning argument. Simply speak truthfully and let others know your beliefs. The truth will prevail, if each of us will only open our mouths and proclaim it.
Which reminds me of one more thing missing from this muck; any reasonable (not necessarily winning) argument that supports the notion that same-sex marriage has any effect on anyone other than those thus wed. The truth is that the Catholic Church doesn't like same-sex marriage and it is intent on imposing its beliefs and teachings on everyone else. The truth is that Mr. Mainwaring is acting as a Defender of the Faith. Doing so is inherently dishonest because he, like those before him, is trying to craft a reasonable secular argument from a religious objection. It cannot be done.
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