Monday, June 23, 2014

Matthew J. Franck is as full of crap as the average Catholic pseudo-intellectual

Matthew J. Franck
Matthew J. Franck of the Opus Deist Witherspoon Institute is possibly a smart guy. Yet he has squandered his intellect to his ancient text fetish which has deprived him of authentic critical thinking.

Writing in Witherspoon's blog it is abundantly obvious that Franck firmly believes that society should reflect the conservative teachings of the Catholic Church. Frank's truth is found in the Bible and in the mouths of ambitious priests. He is satisfied to accept doctrine without evidence or even rationalization. Today's diatribe is titled “What’s Wrong is Right: A Revolution in Rationalization.” You know what's coming in painfully pedantic and verbose prose in the style of Thomas Aquinas.
I won't bore you with Franck's adventures through our evil society. If only we could go back to a time when people were more ignorant. Finally, Franck is around to tell us about all of the consequences of LGBT equality.  Franck writes:
What are the casualties of this assault on nature? The first one is truth. We must believe, contrary to the evidence of our own experience and observations, that sexual “orientation” is somehow immutable, fixed from birth. (Yet we must also believe that “gender identity” is a “social construct.”) We must believe that no one with same-sex attractions can or should do anything to resist them, though we may know people who have done so and believe it has been good for them.
Actually if anything is an assault on nature it is the arbitrary set of rules that a certain religious group accepts (without question) as truth. I wonder what “the evidence of our own experience and observations” amounts to. Are those his unrealized fantasies? Franck claims evidence about the sexual orientation continuum that does not exist. The gratuitous quotes around the word orientation mean that Franck pretentiously presupposes to have more knowledge than every professional medical and counseling association in this country and most of the industrialized world. It is at the extremes of absurd. He continues:
A second casualty is our institutions. We must believe that institutions from the military to the Boy Scouts will suffer no ill effects from the introduction of open homosexual relations in their midst. …
Note how having openly gay people in their midst becomes open homosexual relations in their midst. This is the persistent and common smear from people like Franck. At its core is the notion that gay people are fuck machines in perpetual motion. It's no different than religious, cultural or racial smears. It is an attack on a group of people through the stereotype that Franck and friends have promulgated. Mr. Franck is a self-justifying bigot. He continues:
A third casualty is the next generation. We must believe that the institution of marriage itself will not be wounded further by a fundamental redefinition, after the injuries already inflicted by the sexual revolution’s message of “liberation” through contraception, “population control” through abortion, and no-fault unilateral divorce. We must believe, on the basis of shoddy “social science” backed by ruthless ideologues, that children are no better off being raised by their own biological parents …
At least he includes divorce in the narrative. About half the kids in this country are not being raised by both biological parents. Moreover, just because he doesn't like the evidence or the conclusions drawn from that evidence doesn't mean that the social science research is shoddy or produced by ruthless ideologues. Mr. Franck is projecting. It was, after all, Witherspoon that funded, designed and engineered a study by Mark Regnerus to comport to the teachings of the Church. Even with Regnerus' thumb on the scale it failed to present the findings that were predetermined. Witherspoon dishonestly claimed otherwise. The good news is that it has yet to convince anyone who matters. Franck's pervasive dishonesty about all of this demonstrates a lack of intellectual integrity. He continues:
The final casualty is freedom itself. We must believe. No public deviation from the new orthodoxy can be permitted, and even private deviations are suspect. No baker, photographer, or florist can be permitted to dissent from the redefinition of marriage, even or especially on explicitly religious grounds. No employer—public, commercial, nonprofit, or religious—can be permitted to demur from the redefinition of marriage in its conditions of employment or the benefits it attaches to marital status.
Yeah, well, we expect people to obey the laws that are enacted by our elected representatives and signed into law by our elected executives. Those laws have been tested all the way up to the Supreme Court and it was Justice Scalia who opined that there can be no religious exemptions to otherwise valid laws.

Religion is not a license to discriminate now just as it was eventually not a license to discriminate when Jews in this country were routinely denied employment and access to public accommodations. In this country, nobody should ever be told “we don't serve your kind here.” Just because something is based upon religious belief does not mean that it is right. The Klan is a Christian organization.

The problem with Franck and his ilk is an inability to consider the reasonableness of those so-called religious objections. He has placed himself in the preposterous position of framing the icing of a cake as some sort of religious sacrament. It's utter nonsense from a defender of the faith. This all comes to a crashing conclusion:
If we are to remain true to the cumulative wisdom of our civilization about human nature and the conditions of human flourishing, we must respond as fearlessly as the author of Making Gay Okay and say—it’s not.
I think that Mr. Franck is redefining cumulative wisdom to his set of religious beliefs.  Most rational people believe that cumulative wisdom is usually wrong. It amounts to handed down beliefs that are unsupported by modern science.

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