Wednesday, June 18, 2014

NOM & CWA go head to head for mindless idiocy regarding the President's intended executive order

Poor Us
President Obama is on the verge of signing an executive order that will extend employment non-discrimination protection to gays and lesbians who work for, or who are being considered for employment by, federal contractors. It's a simple to understand concept. Gays will not be preferenced but cannot be terminated, rejected for employment of denied a promotion on the basis of sexual orientation.

For most gays and lesbians such protections have the effect of eliminating the need for them to lie about who they are. Like anything else that affords gay people some dignity, good Christians crawl out from the woodwork to oppose it. In doing so they are tacitly endorsing workplace discrimination while claiming the usual victimization. Here's Brian Brown, head of National Organization for Marriage:

Brian Brown - NOM
NOM does not support the President's actions. The reason is twofold: This is a decision that lawmakers should make, not something the president should attempt to impose through executive order. Congress refused to take action on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act earlier this year and the President should respect that.

Second, NOM has opposed ENDA in the past because it will become a tool to force states to redefine marriage and be used to punish supporters of marriage.
Brown may have a point but the House of Representatives has been far too busy with Benghazi conspiracy theories and trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act. It's hard, time-consuming work but someone has to do it. Otherwise I am sure that the President would agree. 

Now about that second part. It might shock Mr. Brown but we are all (most of us, anyway) “supporters of marriage.” I am far from certain how a federal non-discrimination regulation has some mystical effect on whether a state recognizes same-sex marriages. Nor can I deduce the steps (or their order) required to get from the rule to the gay marriages.

Yet, when it comes to dimwits, Concerned Women for America has no shortage. Enter Mr. Mario Diaz who is in-house counsel. Like most of his ilk, were he a decent lawyer then he would be practicing law:
Mario Diaz - CWA
This is yet another example of what little regard President Obama has for the American people and our form of government. Democracy, once again, gets in the way of his personal preferences, and so he disregards it with little concern for the long-term implications of his actions. He does not help the 'LGBT' movement with his dictator-like actions, but only continues to divide and demonize people of faith who continue to believe as he claims he did not too long ago.

It is the most basic of American beliefs that every citizen should be free to practice their religion free from government intervention. But President Obama insists on punishing those who do not move along with him in his views on homosexuality and marriage to the point that he is willing to use the force of his executive power to violate the Constitution he swore to uphold.
Always the victim. Another nut who apparently believes that this has something to do with marriage equality (we cannot be certain). Since when are any of these people fans of democracy? Usually that is something that gets in the way of Christian authoritarianism. Does this imbecile actually believe that someone should be denied employment by a federal contractor simply because they are gay? On the whole, by the way, the American people fully support workplace equality.

The freedom to practice one's religion is not a license to discriminate against others with different views. You have to hire that Christ-killing Jew if he or she is qualified. That's how it works. We heard the same arguments expressed the same way from some of the same types of people a half century ago when the civil rights bill was being debated.

Oh and by the way, where were these people during the eight years that George W. Bush was issuing executive orders and signing statements at a feverish clip? Christians, who are fully protected by the 1964 Civil Rights Act, are forever claiming discrimination in the workplace. Some jerk gets canned for saying something inappropriate about gay people and he is being persecuted for his religious beliefs. Someone from another planet would think that these folks are a minority group based on their rhetoric.

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