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Tony Perkins seems confused by - Tony Perkins

Tony Perkins - FRC
The Christian right tries desperately to describe gayness as a behavior in contrast to sexual orientation. In doing so they can attempt to argue that a group of people whose similarity is limited to their sexual attractions is not due constitutional protections. Accordingly, Tony Perkins sent out an email over the weekend regarding Governor Rick Perry's anti-gay statements which include comparing sexual orientation to alcoholism. Perkins attempts to lend support to Governor Perry:

… people are responsible for their behavior, regardless of their sexual preferences. Of course, that sends the Left into a blind rage because it implies that homosexuality is, as science suggests, about conduct -- not identity. If it's about conduct, then people can control it. Liberals would rather debate homosexuality as inborn so they can make all the convenient comparisons to civil rights and demand acceptance. In reality, the research does not show that anyone is "born gay" and instead explains homosexuality through a complex mix of developmental factors.
That link to the “science” is actually a link to one of Family Research Council's pamphlets. That particular bit of BS was written by FRC staffer Peter Sprigg who has become FRC's expert on all things LGBT. Sprigg's qualifications for claiming this expertise are that he is a Baptist minister. What Perkins is trying to suggest is that being born gay requires a genetic link. It does not. Science has identified genetic, prenatal hormonal and other environmental contributors to sexual orientation (in this context “environmental” means anything that is not genetic).

Perkins continues:
Obviously, homosexual attractions are not a "choice" in the vast majority of cases. But it should be insulting to people with same-sex attractions to claim that they're compelled to act on those attractions. Homosexual or heterosexual, people are responsible for their conduct. Have we come to the point that we are nothing more than our sexual urges? And that's essentially the point Governor Perry was trying to make. But unfortunately for him, there's no room for an honest conversation in Obama's America.
So all of a sudden this hate group leader is worried about insulting gay people? Seriously?

If people have involuntary “homosexual attractions” doesn't that mean that they are born gay? When has FRC ever engaged in “honest conversation” over sexuality?  Intellectual honesty requires that people held out as experts actually be experts with consistent erudition as well as research that is published to peer reviewed scientific journals. Moreover, an honest conversation means quoting parts of studies in context and without selective observation.

What Perkins seems to suggest is that it is OK to be gay as long as you don't have gay sex although I am not sure that sex is the only form of conduct that Mr. Perkins doesn't like. Are we supposed to marry opposite-sex friends and have platonic marriages? Perkins never quite explains how he expects gay people to live other than to not be gay. Exactly what would he do were he to have a gay child (he might already have one for all we know)? Rev. Sprigg claims that reorientation therapy works. Maybe the idea is for all of us to be reprogrammed. Isn't that what the now defunct Exodus was supposed to do and could not?

Peter Sprigg - FRC
Peter Sprigg
According to Rev. Sprigg's little pamphlet, people should not choose to be homosexual because that puts them at risk for AIDS. Seriously, it is not unprotected sex that is unhealthy but being gay. Sprigg also claims that gay men are more likely to be pedophiles, an assertion that Tony Perkins has made in interviews.
The end is near
Of course Sprigg also has the balls to claim that gay people are not the object of discrimination. Sure.

These folks should stick to carrying signs in high traffic areas saying that the end is near. They are more likely to be on the same page and the amount of damage that they can do is limited.

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