Sunday, July 13, 2014

Chris Christie says 'fuck you' to gays and their children

English: Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie
According to a story in Time Magazine, Governor Chris Christie claims that same-sex marriage is “settled, at the moment” In New Jersey but that Republicans should not abandon the fight against marriage equality.

Speaking to reporters at the National Governors Association on Saturday, Christie said:
I don’t think that there’s going to be some major referee who’s going to say now it’s time to stop … Certainly I’m not going to, because these are opinions that I feel strongly about … It should be done state by state … Absent a change in the legislature, I think at the moment it’s settled law in New Jersey.

“At the moment?” In other words discrimination should prevail so that GOPers can pander to religious conservatives. He is even hinting that Republican legislators could reinstate discrimination in New Jersey. Presumably a clean (or any) ENDA is out of the question as well. This is what a Christie presidential campaign (and administration should he be successful) would look like. Yet, we will undoubtedly see support for Christie from the Log Cabin GOPers and others. We need to remind them that the only way to change the Republican Party is to deny them votes.

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