Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Conservative Christianity has a new chew toy in CDC population estimates

Rainbow flag. Symbol of gay pride.

Today, much is being made of a CDC survey which concludes that about 3.4% of the population is (self admittedly) gay, bisexual or questioning. The common narrative goes “all this fuss over such a minuscule percentage of the population.”

The "fuss" is being made, almost entirely, by conservative Christians. They have opted to oppose equality. Furthermore I could say the same thing as a reason to support something like marriage equality — “Why make such a big deal out of a few gays getting hitched?”

Were there a mere 100 gay people in the United States they would be entitled to equal protection. The number of gay people is irrelevant. We do not permit any other minority to be treated the way that LGBT people continue to be treated. There are fewer Jews in this country than LGBT citizens (I am a member of both minority groups). Imagine the legal "fuss" if Jews were prohibited from marrying Christians or if we could be fired for not accepting Jesus Christ as our personal lord and savior.

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