Monday, July 14, 2014

NOM's newest shiny object

shiny object
Apparently the folks at National Organization for Marriage think that everyone is as dimwitted as they are. Co-founder and chairman emeritus, Robby George, started a phony controversy over what we now know was a voluntary questionnaire with voluntary questions that JP Morgan Chase employees were invited to complete. Phony or not, it has made the rounds of Christendom. NOM has dutifully commented about, and linked to, every one of these mentions — perpetuating the reverb through the Christian wingnut echo chamber.

Rick Santorum
Enter former US senator and Defender of the Faith™ Rick Santorum. The new piece on NOM's blog is titled “Rick Santorum on Chase Bank Scandal.”

So now the manufactured phony controversy has become a “scandal.” Sure. Rick provides the usual idiotic comments lacking the intellectual curiosity to find out what this is, or is not, all about.
Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum said Friday that he found Chase Bank's invasive questions to employees about their sexual orientation and loyalty to the LGBT cause "shocking."
Rick should be shocked over bad grammar for starters. He should be considerably more shocked at the small number of people who participated in the pathetic March for Marriage last month to listen to him (and other anti-gay crackpots) speak. Yet, he opines about something that he knows nothing about:
In an interview with The Daily Signal, Santorum said, "It seems like there’s an element of  intimidation in trying to shape people’s points of view, and maybe even have punishment for people who don’t share the ‘proper’ point of view."

He also said he was surprised that Chase Bank got the "legal go-ahead" to do something like this.
The Daily Signal, by the way, is nothing more than the phony news blog of the far right Heritage Foundation.

The legal go-ahead should have been the first clue that these are voluntary questions in a voluntary questionnaire. It doesn't seem to occur to these idiots that Chase is trying to understand their employee culture. At the end of the day, the only thing that JPMC is interested in is making more money. The reason that they do not understand this simple concept is because they have turned their arcane religious beliefs into their very reason for being which has no reason at all. They think that Chase is acting as they do or would. Shrinks call it "projecting."

Reuse and Recycle
Eventually someone will probably provide Robby George with an image of the questionnaire limited to the actual question that has these people indulging in their persecution fetish (their favorite pastime). Of course that will not include Chase's cover letter nor the full text of the survey. Then this will be recycled, or should I say regurgitated all over again.

By the way, what does any of this have to do with marriage

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